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a message
Tuesday, January 18, 2011; 1:35 PM


Something is not right. I'm waiting for a message from someone. About something important. But I didn't get it. I just go to sleep. When I wake up, I quickly check out my handphone. Fustrating. He didn't reply. Maybe he was busy. I try to persuade myself. Then I continue to sleep. And wake up again. It's the same. Nobody sent anything to me. +_+ My roomate once ask me, "kau tak nak study ke? Dah lama tido". I simply reply, "malas la. xde semangat nak study". I won't till I got to know something. That's what happened to me for the last 2 days and somehow I just wake up and look at my schedule, "ah, I got an exam tomorrow. I'm just sleeping for two days doing nothing and now I got less than 12 hours before the exam". wth. I wake up, trying to read something. But hey, I can't focus at all. Something really ruin up my mind. I don't know.

1:00 am, 2:00 am, 3, 4...trying hard to at least read something for the exam. You know what, I'm thinking of going to the hall and fail my exam. Oh yeah, that's not me. I know it. But sometimes, things just happen. Things can change. Feel sleepy during the exam. Try to act like I am okay. To act like I'm very confident and ready for the exam. Ah-huh, I hope this may helps a little bit. After all, I don't want to talk about my parasitology paper. I know, I'm not going to fail. But I didn't do my best to get the full marks. It's somekind of disappointing. Sometimes, you may not have to say something to tell something. I just can know it myself. Okay?

Dah la, penat la macam ni. Rasa macam cakap sorang2 pulak.

Today is my turn to cook. I'm thinking what to cook for dinner. But my roomate said to me, "haish, nak masak apa eh hari ni? Dah la aku kena masak". I'm just, what the heck. It's my turn. But i didn't say anything. I'm just smile and say, "kau kena masak ke? Nak beli pape tak?". ngeh3. Maybe he got confused after reading too much about parasit. lol. So, it's up to him. Just wait and see. wink! After all, I should be responsible, right? But at the moment, I will let him preparing something to cook like cut the onion, tomatoes or what so ever, then I will say the truth. haha! Mengantuk la. Nak tido. bye~

p/s : peoples keep asking me, "kau tak keluar awal ke hari ni?". Please la. Aku tengah xde mood ni kau nak kacau2 lak. +_+

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