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How Do I De$cr!be My Fr!end$
Tuesday, February 19, 2008; 6:24 AM

Hafis is my first friend since i move to n9 bcoz i sit bside him in the class..yeah,thats how i know him..his not a type of person that go to s'ban or terminal n,u won't see him there coz he loves to stay at home n rarely away from his house =)) except 4 the football,he never care how far it is,he will come..futhermore he's very skillful..yeah,name pon pki kn ^_^ he always give me advices..thanks2!!n i would like to say that u r quite matured..ngee..

Pijai is very funny guy..yeah,it's nice to be one of his friends..he always do almost everything i ask him to do..sometimes u can't believe it..means he likes to help his friends..hua3 =)) i love to read with him as it helps me remember the fact better!!still remember in f2,for the first time he get angry..coz i said something that he can't take..lowr,sori2..i was joking k..he's smart to0 (smart than me??no komen..huhu) =) we r in the same class (n club sometimes) since f1 till f5..apeke..tiru ke??its hard 2 find someone like u..knowing u once is a gift to me..

Knowing her was a coincidence via SMS..but i'm feel lucky to know her..i always tell her my problem..n she's care to hear..hua3..she always go n come back when i need her..eceh2,apeke..she's caring even though we never meet..thats make it more unique =) wtv,she makes me smile n gives me support..i wanna thanks to her for her endless support n encouragement from when i know her..

Atiq,'s kinda funny 2 say this..not even she but i also laughing typing her name..gahaha..i like to talk with her..wonder why??becoz she always laugh..n she can takes all my mean n cruel jokes n words =)) no wonder how mean i say,she still laughing=)) coz she knows that i was i right??;) as i told things that i did when i was at school,she try to do it too (mcm AWAS)..apeke..knowing her, made my life quite wonderful n exciting to me..i discover many new things..especially about what other peoples think about me..well,whats frens 4, right??she's my math stdent =)) thanks 4 asking math to me (i like to answer math questions!!) it shows that she gives her trust to me..

Nad,what i should say about this cute gurl??;) when i first become her friend at friendster,da purpose of adding her is just to be her friend..but as time goes on, somehow out of nowhere..we become closer =) she gives me a cheerful i know many new things that i don't know before..i really wanna thanks to her for her memories n support..hang out with her was a very nice thing to remember..she never forget to wish good night to me (^_^) nad,u r very sweet!!she's somewhat creative..even so, she never wants to admit it =)i like her art works!!but she's sometimes too watch out..don't u even dare to broke her heart..hua3..i always remember n cherish our memories until my last breath =p

Iqbal,he is a very very kind guy..he likes to help his friends n always tried to accomplished peoples request with his best effort..even though, some request kinda hard n difficult..4 him, other people joy n happiness, is his happiness too..its kinda funny though, he would do anything for his friends right..but that's him!!^_^ he's intelligent too that he got the chance to join PKI team =)) something funny about him is when u ask him whether he'll go to somewhere or not, he will say "maybe pergi,maybe x"..laaa,mmg la cm tu..dah tu je pilihan die =)) wtv, really hope will keep in touch with u forever!!
Anip was a genius!!(leader of PKI) ask him anything about ur study, especially math or physics, he'll answer it easyly..then u'll know how genius he is =))but that's was not the only reason why i be his friend..he's very nice guy to be with n very pn zai said, he's "zuhud" =)) i confess that..besides, we have the same way of thinking n i know we need each other..he is funny first,i really respect him as a genius =)not even make joke with him..but when i know him better n better,i realize that he's not that serious..we are always laugh together..he also helps me a lot in my stdy..i just wanna to take this opportunity to thank u very2 much!!
Bah..his real name is naaszreen..he comes from sabah,so we just call him bah =)) i haven't got the chance to be in the same class with him..somehow,i be close to's hardly to be close with others who didn't be in same class with me..but he's different..he likes to talk n never stop =)) when it comes to me,i'll join him chattering excitedly!!u can see that almost all pki's members is fun to be that moment so much..sabah is kind of person who will do what he wants to do without hesitating^_^ i like the way he talks as he talks with 'sabah' stlye..
Just call her dekna =))she's one of the girl that join history quiz..she's a nervous gurl..whenever there is obstacle,she become panic easyly..just cool man!!it's kinda nice to say that she always ask me to sent her a SMS to rise her spirit..for me,it was easy..i'll say something cruel n mean which makes she feel that i'm smarter than her n will laugh at her if she get bad result..despite i know that i'm not that smart to beat her..sorry girl..i didn't mean it but it's the only way =))i hope i don't offend u.. n i'm keen to say that she keep all my msg that i ask her to study!!

7 Lovers??

merdeka ke??huhu
Wednesday, February 13, 2008; 5:15 PM
hua3..ari nie batu2 yg mem"block" jalan2 kt taman ak dah dialih kn..
nape eh??x jadi nk wat highway ke??
ptg tu ade gak naik basikal,tgk2 jalan..
yeah!!bestnye...mcm dah merdeka abis la...mcm lepas dari penjare..hua3..
tgk muke2 org kt tmn nie pon sume cam hepi jew..
sume rase ske n x dpt nk digambarkn melalui kate2...hahaha
pastu mlm nie,berita ckp parlimen dah dibubarkn..
adesh2!+_+ best gak pilihan raye..rase x sabar pon ade..
hua3..even x dpt mengundi pon,tp rase best aw..
yg x bestnye,klu ade pilihan raye, means result kuar awal..
btol ke cam tu??tah la..waaa!!riso seyh..
n ade gak terfikir,adekah batu2 yg dialihkn nie,merupakan salah satu agenda dlm pilihan raye supaye diundi?? bagus je..pape pon,ak hepi sgt klu btol2 x jadi wat highway kt sini..huhu

2 Lovers??

~l0vE my f@m!Ly~
Sunday, February 10, 2008; 5:03 AM

9/2/ gler..
pagi tu ayah bwk family g pd..uah2!!
lame dah x kuar satu family cam nie..coz parents slalu bz jew..thanks ayah n ibu..huhu.. mase mule2 smpai tu, x yah cte la.. mmg la cam excited je nmpk laut kn..hua3.. tp rileks dulu, breakfast dulu..lapar nie!!then baru mak lang dtg..

abis mkn, tukar baju sume, then g mandi..waa,akhirnye dpt gak mandi laut.. time nie mmg dah pk pasal sir rasul dah.. mase kt langkawi die yg ye2 x bg mandi laut.. but today, sir dah x leh halang lg dah..hahaha..padan muke..
pas mandi men bola lak..x yah cte la sape mng kn..hua3..
then mak lang ajak naik banana boat..uah!! tulah, ade lak mak lang x mo basah.. apeke..mane ade org xnk basah kt laut..hua3..enjoy la kt sane..n mmg mcm2 jadi..gelak abis ari nie..
mase nk ambk gmbr sume sibling nie, ade lah mntk tlng sorang pak cik nie tlng snap kn..pastu die ckp,xpelah (sambil trus bla)...hahahaha..ape yg x pe nye pak cik oi!!maybe die igt org nk ambk gmbr die..haha..eley,pk sndri la..klu die tu hensem ke, artis ke, leh la gak org ambk gmbr die..apeke pak cik!!haha..kan dah kene gelak ^_^

malam tu ade jamuan sket..smbt bufday family..luqman, hafsah, ibu n ayah..sume bufday smbt skali je..huhu..sedare sume dtg..besh2 mkn kek..dah tu, abis lmbt lak jamuan nie..sume dah ngantok dah..yela, penat lowr..pagi g PD kn..pastu borak2 ngan abg, mmg nk gelak je..ade je bende nk gelak..hua3..i really enjoy this trip..n i feel lucky to have this lovely family..thank God..(at least bile g pd nie, leh la lupe pasal result) hua3..


4 Lovers??

result SPM??bile2??
Friday, February 8, 2008; 5:39 PM
result SPM??huh, risau derh dgr pasal nie..
macam2 dah org ckp..
adesh2!!+_+ antara yg ckp:-
HERDA : my friends n my mum ckp hujung bln 2 coz ade pilihan raye!!
AZIZI : my mum ckp kementerian nk wat kejutan..maybe bln 2!!
ALIA : x kan la bln 2..mst ade berita ckp bln 2..mst bln 3 nye..
HIDAYAT : xkn2..bln 2 tu cepat sgt..mst bln 3 gak..
DEKNA : ain ckp mak die gtaw bln 2..mak die penanda kertas BM..
AZRI : keluar 28/2..
ATIQ : mst bln 3 lah..x kn lah awal sgt..x bley2..
IQBAL : member2 ckp kt internet tulis result 25/2..
AISYAH : ade dgr bln 2, ade dgr bln 3..x taw la..

lowr..risau sgt!!am so worried nk wat nie??
klu result ok leh cte la..klu x ok cam ne??
adoi hai..x abis nk rileks kt umah lg nie..
sabar2 la dulu...waaaa!!!
huh,sabar2..pray 4 my result k~

3 Lovers??

i can't bcoz it was YOU.....,
Friday, February 1, 2008; 6:02 AM
erm, i just happy n feel lucky to know u dear..
it was only a coincidence i know u..but i really miss that time..
i don't know why we become close easily..
like atiq said, it was the way u click when the first meet..
yeah, maybe..
when we know each other, i really need your support..
i just feel better when talk to u..all my problem is gone!!
and i love when u wish me in anythings..its like give me a spirit n throw away my nervous..
we go through all things together..
but one day u have to go..
go away n very far..
huh, I'm dying w
ithout u..hua3!!(tipu la smpai mati de)
tp mmg btol pon, ade prob..
x taw nk cari sape lg..haish2!!
sape lg nk wish klu ade pape kn..
when u gonna come back??
maybe its was our fate, we meet again..
n i'll never let u go again..
anyhow, i didn't understand your situation..
sorry k..coz u never tell me about it..+_+
whatever it is, i do really care about u..
maybe u didn't know who are u to me..
u just don't know what i know..
coz i didn't tell u..hua3!!
it's long u are happy, its alright..
thanks coz didn't forget me..
i always trust u k..
n i can't even hate u or forget u no matter what peoples say about u..
thank God i got a chance to know someone like u..huhu

4 Lovers??