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Wednesday, April 30, 2008; 6:44 PM

got something to tell..
something to write in my blog..
but now i'm so sleepy +_+
on9 just for a while..
got to have my sleep now..
coz i'm so2 sleepy k..
check out my next post later..

take care~

0 Lovers??

ouch,kawad kaki..
Monday, April 28, 2008; 7:20 PM
ohw yeah,nad masuk kawad..
represent for kadet polis..
lowr,mng kedua..ok la tu nad..
igt sng ke nk dpt tmpt kedua..
huh,penat2 berlatih,akhirnya mng gak kn..huhu
sepanjang nua masuk kawad,x ponah mng pn..
ponek jo berlatih..huh,xpe2,sabar..
plg x pueh ati bile terigt kawad 3 penjuru..hua3..
klu igt mmg x puas ati,tp ble pikir2 blek,klaka sgt..
rase cam nk gelak je..hahaha
sume nye sbb smap men tipu..ckp cm **toooot**
kejap ckp lain,kejap ckp lain..
dah nk lawan ckp lain lak..
penat2 berlatih last2 cam sia2 je..
yg kelaka nye sbb formasi kitorg cipta dlm bpe jam je..
n of coz,sume berterabur..hahaha
habis kena gelak kt sume org..sume wat ikut ske ati je nk jalan mane..
hahaha..klu tgk video zaim abik mmg gler klaka..
sume yg berterabur tu mmg dah rakam n ade bukti..
xpe lah..bende dah berlalu..
nk lupe kn x ley,so wat2 lupe je lah..huk3
n again nad,congrate la sbb mng..
x sia2 berlatih..huhu
i do like x pena mng je..

5 Lovers??

i w!$h & i pr@y..

before i had my spm,i did think how free i am after this exam..
i'm thinking of sleeping,wake up late,doesn't have to do homeworks,watching television,playing futsal,get the chance to read other book instead of text book..woah!!
how could a student think about it..hua3
after spm,yeah i did all the things that i dream of..
but somehow i don't feel satisfied with what i have now..
everyday was the same..i'm tired to go through each day..what a boring day
i miss the homeworks n wanna meet my friends =))
n one day,i did pray,"ya Allah,Kau penuh kan lah hari2 ku dgn perkare yg berfaedah agar aku dpt manfaat n tidak melakukan sesuatu yg sia2"..something like that i guess
yeah,He,the god,had heard my wish..
i started to have many work to timetable became so hectic..
going to school became fasi,going to book fair,grandparents house..
in the morning n evening, i teach math n arabic..
i have to check out all my notes,revise the subject n preparing the exercises..
huh,i'm so tired..always sleep in the afternoon,so that i become more energetic in the evening..hahaha(saje cari alasan)
at night,i preparing the exercise for tomorrow,sometimes reading book n update my blog..ngee ^_^
sometimes azizi n hafis invite me to play football or badminton..
i have to choose what i have to do??playing with friends or teaching my "student"..huk3
but i choose to play..give myself to have some relaxes..
erm,n i could feel that i became seldomly chating with my friends..
coz i 'm somewhat tired n busy..doesn't mean to forget anybody..
as u know how i want to influence people n make good relations with all peoples..
"friends come and go..just true friend will be with us"
do i believe of it??huhu
act tonight i just feel something strange..hik3
this make me think of what had happen before ^_^ something like "muhasabah diri"
hope i get the strength to go through my life..
catch u later..nyte2

2 Lovers??

such a boring night
Saturday, April 26, 2008; 6:36 PM
bosan la mlm nie..
maleh nk chat ngan sape2..huk3
dgr2 lagu n tgk2 gmbr kt folder yg ade..
dekna tah ape cte..
tbe2 lak semangat bace blog org..pehal tah..hua3
post blog nie pon,setelah dipakse oleh dekna..huk3
dah la ramai yg x on9 ari nie..
alahai,bosan nye..
xpe..dgr lagu2 korea yg dekna bg..lamo dah x dgr..
erm,asal blog nie byk name ko eh??
name ak pon x de..mst banggo kn =))
k2,nnt la post lg..tata~

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Kem Anak Soleh
Sunday, April 20, 2008; 4:42 PM
Lowr,baru je balik..
penat seyh g kem tu..penat woo..
klu dulu jadi peseta,skang jadi fasilitator(fasi)..hik3,sajo banggo..
start pkol 3 ari jumaat..
kire cte nie kesinambungan dari cte bawah k..
balik dari solat jumaat,ibu dah xde..
call mk su,die x pat dtg..wan pon same..
erm,terpakse la naik teksi..
tp tulah,tnye no tipon teksi,sorang pon x taw..hahaha
last2 baru la dekna gtaw..eceh..jgn nk kombang lak..
dah la driver teksi tu bincang politik lak..ahaks
dongar je lah..akhirnye sampai gak ke skola..
uah2,lamo dah x g skola..hik3
mmg penat la jadi fasi..seb bek dpt kmpln f1..
sng sket..sume dgr ckp =))
yg wat lotih nye,fasi x dpt nk rehat..
time rehat,fasi kene bincang utk LDK..
mlm tu sampai pkol 1 lbey baru abis..gler lame..
dah la lapar..huk3..byk la songeh..
betul ape..dah la kene bngon b4 pkol 5..coz ade qiamulail..
ape x letih nye..letih2 x letih,wat je lah kn..
x smpt nk main sms pon..huk3..smpt lg tu..
mcm2 aktiviti la..just x ske sbb lapar n air kt sane sejuk sgt..hahah
n kem nie,bkn baik utk peserta je,fasi pon turut muhasabah diri..
ohw,lupe lak lak nk kabor nie..
permohonan pinjaman mains x dpt..huk3..
xdo rezeki la kn..xpe2..terima gak..

2 Lovers??

Friday, April 18, 2008; 6:04 AM
erm,jap lg pkol 3 kena g skola..
ade program ape tah..
kena jadi fasi lowr..
sampai ari ahad..mst x dpt nk on9 nnt =(
erm,hp ley bwk ke x eh??
klu kt asrama mst air die sejuk gler..
adesh2 +_+
jap lg nk kena g solat jumaat..
waaa!!beg x siap lg..
brng2 sume x siap ape pon lg nie..huhu
k2,gtg now..
nk siap barang laju2 nie =p
er,take care there ^_^

0 Lovers??

Dr $m$, location : UiTM melaka
Tuesday, April 15, 2008; 4:04 AM
bngon awal lg..pkol 7 dah bertolak.. hik3..
best la..dpt jmpe angkasawan k ^_^ mase dtg tu,dr sms x dtg lg..
xpe2..masuk la dulu kn..
then tbe2 mak lang tego..asal sejuk sgt nie..tu pon x tahan..
siap gelak n gtaw kwn die..
e'eley..dah org x tahan sejuk kn..
x yah la kecoh derh..apeke..
pastu tetamu kehormat dtg..eceh2..
ambk la gmbr kn..kamera pon baru je charge pagi tadi..huhu..
lol,kena nyanyi lagu negaraku..
waa!!lame dah x nyanyi since dah x skola kn..hua3..
dgr la dr sms cte2 sume..
pasal pengalaman ne die ne kt ne die tgk bumi dari sane..mcm2 la..huhu..
erm, i'm lucky get the chance to meet him..
tp mmg x tahan la sejuk..menggigil gak la..
pas abis tu,ade sesi nk ambk autograph sape yg beli buku die je bleh..
cheh..pandai ko nk wat bisness kn..
smpt je ambk gmbr kn..
pastu,pkol 11 dah kene bertolak kt shah alam..
x smpt nk mkn ngan die..coz abg pak lang meninggal..innalillah..
even x drive,tp penat seyh..tertido dlm
dah abis kebumi,kitorg pon balik la..waa!!lapar gler nie..
x mkn dari pg..xpe2,sabar2..
huh,seb bek la mak lang memahami even x ckp pon lapar..
berhenti la jap mkn..then balik..letih2..
btw,gmbr x upload kt comp lg laa..nnt2 la letak k..~



0 Lovers??

i'm happy but worried..
Sunday, April 13, 2008; 2:00 AM
for the first time i got the chance using m16..
of coz i really like it..n i enjoy it =))
but i got the problem to handle it..
the gun was so hot that i can't hold it too long..
n it was a very hot day..waa!!berpeluh2 dah nie..
when i first come,i've to close my ears..bising sgt bunyi org tembak..
so unlucky, only two of my shot hit the board..

lowr..baru blaja k :D

in the evening,i go to bahau..
bal's grandmother fall sick..
so we are going to visit her..
n we staying there quite long..
erm,until night..adesh2 +_+
ibu dah call..die mara lowr balik lmbt sgt
waa,risau nie..xpe2,tawakal je lah..
balik2 jew,ibu dah tido..ibu penat baru balik johor..
baru je turun,kak ain,x contact pon ari nie kn..
thanks 4 calling penat la ari nie..
nk tido terus..esok ade kuliah subuh..
ustz hafizi bg lowr..best2..
n esok ade hari anugerah permata shams ^_^
tp best la dpt g menembak..huhu

0 Lovers??

Saturday, April 12, 2008; 3:53 AM
pagi2 lagi dah bngon..
b4 subuh dah bngon k..coz mufti dtg masjid..
ade kuliah subuh..nk dgr lowr..
best sgt dgr mufti nye kuliah..
smpai pkol 7 lbeh baru abis..
erm,mane nu'man nie..kate nk blaja bhs arab..
lame dah tnggu nie..haish2 +_+
huh,bal tbe2 call..ajak g latihan menembak kadet polis..
waa!!'man pon cam x jadi dtg jew..
huhu..dah siap nie..pya lak g KL ngan tiqah..
erm,kak ain ape cte la nie kn..
mst die dah bngon nye..die slalu bngon awal woo..
bagus la akak sorang nie..
k lah..jap lg bal sampai..nk g dah =)
catch u later~

0 Lovers??

pijai & dekna
Friday, April 11, 2008; 2:43 PM

Happy Birthday Comments

11/4..bufday pijai..mmg dah rancang..

inform kt kwn2 sume, jgn lupe wish pijai mlm nie pkol 12..

biar gempak sket kn..surprise la kt pijai..huhu

erm,mlm tu igt nk tulis dulu msg..

pkol 12 kang baru anta..

adesh2..+_+ tertekan sent..waaa!!!

mst pijai terlebih surprise coz wish b4 bufday die..wahahaha..

lol...x puas ati ne la bleh tersent..

pastu pijai ckp,die x pena lg dpt msg byk skali gus cm nie..

kirenye plan menjadi gak..yes2!!haha

11/4 pon date yg special..

dah 4 bulan ^_^ umur pon 17 tahun 4 bulan..huhu mude lagi dah leh ambk lesen..hua3

bufday dekna gak..

dah 4 bulan!!eceh2 ^_^

10 Lovers??

Wednesday, April 9, 2008; 4:16 PM
ari nie ari plg penat!!
dah la bngon awal..pg2 lg dah g book fair kt PWTC..
dari pkol 10 sampai la pkol 1..
jalan2,rayau2 cari buku..
lame tu berdiri..apeke..sakit tulag belakang =))
rase cam nk patah tulang kaki pon ade gak..huhu
pusing2 g mpt same gak..adesh2 +_+ poning den..
ramai lak jmpe dak shams kt sana..tiru ke ape..
pkol 1 lbey balik la..ponek dah..
huh,lapar gler2!!nk mkn ape nie..
last2 beli la roti..mkn dlm bas..x kenyang pon..
sampai umah dlm pkol 3 lbey laa..
balik terus mandi,solat n mkn..
pastu zaim lak ajak swimming,,ape cer..
g je lah..naik motor die laa..
mandi2..dah maghrib diorg x sudah2 lg..
nie yg x pueh ati nie..last2 tnggl je la korang..g solat kt msjd atas tu..
pas solat diorg dah xde..apeke..xpe2,balik jln kaki..
singgah beli burger ijan jap..can best jew =)
jauh gler perjalanan..erm,jauh perjalanan luas permandangan ke??haha
jalan2,azan lak..singgah la masjid jap..huh,penat2!!
erm,nie pon baru je sampai umah..
esok nk ajar mt n ba..x prepare lg nie..
feel lonely lowr today =( very2 lonely..
it's ok..nk g tido nie..letey gler2..
nnt la smbng..nyte (=_=)"

2 Lovers??

interview MAINS, 8/4, 10:00 a.m

lagi satu interview..
x prepare pape pon..
xpe2..gune je la pengalaman time interview jpa tu..
again,kene dtg pkol 10,tp dtg b4 8..
jadi org pertame tandatgn utk pkol 10..
huh,anip pon ade gak..
bal riso jew..rilek2 sudeyh..bkn pape pon kn..
ade lak kene jwb ujian personaliti..malas tul laa ^_^
dah la byk lak tu..160 soalan..
rata2 sume dak shams je kt situ..dak skola lain ade la 3 org..
sorang2 masuk kene interview..waa!!+_+
my turn..,
masuk dgn confident nye..hua3
ohw,mule2 ley la jwb..huhu
waa,byk nye soalan..
ade soalan yg die tnye dua kali..
nmpk cam mksd die same jw[n pn lbe kurang same la..haha
just x puas ati,x sudah2 tnye pasal politik..apeke..
tp overall,i did try my best ^_^
tgk je la cam ne kn..
antara soalan yg ditnye :-
  1. mak n ayah org mane?rembau kt mane??rantau kt mane??
  2. ske membace x??buku ape??sape pengarang die?
  3. percaye ke ape yg Billi Lim tulis??
  4. why do u want to be a doctor?what's the ratio of doc n patients?
  5. why want to futher in overseas??in local is much cheaper..
  6. local university have arabic too..why want go to egypt?
  7. aktif x kt skola??main ape??chess tu maen jalan je ke?
  8. ape pandangan terhadap pemerintahan kt m'sia skang??ok ke x??
  9. nape berlaku perubahan??baik x pemerintahan??
  10. what's ur weakness n strong?

**k2,jap lg nk g book fair..huhunest time la tulis lg k..daa~**

0 Lovers??

Monday, April 7, 2008; 11:26 AM
Huh,lame dah x on9..
baru jew balik dari umah wan..
atuk g singapura,kene teman wan lowr..
erm,cam bese la,kt umah wan best gak la =)
just x ley nk on9 jew..
tp sian kt wan,bkak peti ais die,mcm2 ade..
cam xde sape nk mkn jew..
so tolong la mkn sume..aiskrim,cokelat,air oren..hahaha
btol pe,sape lg nk tolong kn..kn3...
ari ahad,teman wan g pasar tani..
n sempat lak beli jam loceng arsenal!!
best2..lame dah nk beli..akhirnya dpt gak..
pkol 12 g jj..jalan2 ^_^
letey lowr..dahla charger x bwk..bateri nk kong dah..
isnin bngon awal..dah jam ade kn!!haha..
then g main badminton..malas nk ckp la sape mng..
ptg tu,call zaim sroh call MAINS..
tnye pasal interview..last2 die ckp esok ade interview pkol 8..
waaa!!ape nie!!ckp la awal2 ke..ley gak nk prepare..
nie yg x pueh ati nie..tgk la cam ne nnt kn..
pape pon,wish me luck esok!!


0 Lovers??

interview JPA, 3/4/2008, USIM, 10:00 a.m
Thursday, April 3, 2008; 11:16 AM
a day b4 the interview..
i'm not ready for my interview yet..
n have to take a test in the comp for jpa..
adesh2!!somehow when i open it,the time is over n i fail to answer the questions..
but..hey,i don't even look at one of the question..
i became panic..try to open it again n again..but it still the same..
waaa!!i quickly call my fren..erm,no answer..try for sometimes,no answer yet..
make up my mind to call bal n pijai..
yeah,talk to them really make me feel's hard to find someone who can understand us..
then,practice with pijai..blablabla..pijai gak bagus..
after all,i think i'm ready for the interview =)) dah practice laa..
that nite,mmg dah sedia..smpt lg call org lain..huhu..
thanks pada sape2 yg wish..hua3

wake up early in the morning..
so excited!!=)) bior betul..dah nk wat cam ne kn..kena la yakin..kn3..
dalam kete,bace buku tu,sbb nk influece people..huhu
interview pkol 10,tp sampai sane awal gler..8 lbey dah sampai..
kirenye,org pertame yg interview pkol 10 dah dtg..haha
then ibu borak ngan dak cina nie..die interview gak..
tbe2 ramai lak yg dgr..makin ramai,termasuk la ibu bapa yg ade kt situ..
eish,nie ade perhimpunan ape lak nie..hahaha..x ley bla..
muhyidin pon satu group rupenye..sng la cam nie,dah ade membe..
mase interview,masuk sekali 6 org..then die bagi tajuk,pk jap n bentang..
dpt tajuk "what quality a leader should have"..huhu
laa,sng nye..alhamdulillah..ambk je isi dari buku yg bace tadi..
waaa,x sia2 bace..hua3..n ambk sket dari bku berani gagal..
kirenye,idea yg dikeluarkn lain la sket kot ^_^
pastu sesi kedua,dia tnye sorang2 lak..
my turn,die suruh perkenal kn diri dlm bhs arab..cheh..
x pasal2 xpe..redah je la..coz die pon x phm..haha
sume2 ok la kot..huhu..yg lain sume dpt la jwb..ikut ape yg dah bincang ngan pijai..
mase nk kuar,sje la test diorg..ckp "syukran jazilan"
huh,seb bek laki tu leh jwb..then dgr pmpn tu tnye,btol ke dak tu ckp..btol la kot..hahaha..apeke..mst la btol..eceh2..
erm,rupenye xde lah susah spt yg dijangka kn..igt kn susah gler2 nye..
pape pon,hope dpt la..huhu

7 Lovers??