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1)To graduate quality physicians capable of implementing various levels of health care practices, following medical ethics and ready for continuing professional development.

2)To train specialized physicians to conduct advanced scientific research, apply updated technologies and follow national and international medical standards.

3)To care for the development of the competitive edge of human resources, serve the community and share in solving national health problems.


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graduation day, 29/5
Saturday, May 31, 2008; 6:05 PM

hee,last thursday my class end early..
around 10:30..
then i quickly go to library coz i wanna borrow a book..
eish,how come my details does not recorded yet..
n i can't borrow that book..
it's ok..i went to bus stop..
took a bus n went to uitm section 2..
eish,just tawakal coz i dun really know the way to go there..
erm,there's graduation day..
ponek woo..luckly i found the way..hua3
huh,meet with my junior pya..
her bro graduate lowr..
pelik an,kt skola x pena jmpe..dah jauh baru jmpe..
tu la namenye takdir =)
time tu mmg berpeluh gler..dah la lapar..
pya2,asal xnk mkn huh??
somewhat nervous when meet with her parents..
waa,dunno what to say..
adesh2 +_+
erm,it was so hot..berpeluh2 nie..
after balik,terus tertido..
letey2..n i x mkn pape lg..
till mlm baru la mkn..huhu

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i said i'm sorry =(
Wednesday, May 28, 2008; 1:26 PM
er,i'm so sorry..
xde niat pon nk cari yg lain..
you are the only one and thats the true..
when first time u'r mine,
neva thought to leave u..
for me,u r vey nice compare to other..
u r my first one as i don't have any before this..
i still remember,
when u r gone,
i'm try my best to find u..
i really care about u..
two times u leave me..
then i realize how meaningful u in my life..
yeah,maybe it's my fault..
but i still wait for u..
n thank God,we r meet again..
i wanna keep u..
neva do the same thing to u..
we are almost 5 years together..
somehow,u gone again..
i try to find u..
i ask everybody to find u..
but i know,for this time,
u will neva come back..
am very2 sad =(
hope to meet u one day..
hope we r mean to be together..
although i did have other,
doesn't mean i forget u..
good bye my dear shaker..
wanna bring u to egypt..
come back please!!
am still waiting for u...,

i put the 'coma' coz i know that we will meet one day..neva been a full stop between us =p

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so excited..
Monday, May 26, 2008; 1:42 PM
tomorrow is my first class..
am so excited!!
after many things happened..
i just wanna forget all those things that i hate..
n start a new life..
well,got 18 students in my class..
hey there,just wait n see..
dekna,ko bile lagi nk mule stdy nie??hua3
n to everyone who read this,
stdy well n gud luck in ur life..

4 Lovers?? i know

i dont know y i can't log in in my friendster here..
but i thing i can feel y some people said they can't open fs..
yeah,they got the same problem..
somebody please open it for!!
hehe..bosan la x pat bkak fs..
coz at fs,i get to know many peoples..
n make many friends..hee

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hee,got problem to continue in my last blog..
eiy,subject no 1 to 5 are taken into account to pass the grade..
we MUST get 20 mark!!uah!!
i have to stdy hard..
n sorry if i didn't reply msg..
i bet i will focus in my study..
i tell u earlier dear..
don't even think i ignore u k..
ouch,when i came back to my room,waa..
again i didn't bring my key.. i stay at "bilik sebelah"..hee
wait till my room mate come..
lol,mane ko rayau nie??lame giler..
when they come back,yeah,am quickly find my key..
huh,where did i put it??
after a long time searching,finally i found it!!
in my 'poket seluar' in my bag..
thinking how to keep my key..huhu
ohw yeah,am feel like am gonna loss one of my fwen..
the thing that i really HATE!!
erm,yul still don't know that am going to egypt..
hey,i told u all before i told her..
appreciate please..
owg kt cc nie..hehe
kelas lom start kn..esok baru la stdy kn3..
nad,jgn g blajo jer k..
thanks to all my friends who still keep in touch with me..

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my first class??

at kl sentral i meet with as'ad..he went to DQ..
ohw yeah,when i came back,
i found my key in my locker..
alhamdulillah x hilang..

i thought my class is begin today,
lol,not start yet..
just a little briefing n no placement test too..
erm,we were told that jpa students MUST pass the cut of point to get the scholarship..
adesh2 +_+ there 8 subject will be teach here :-
  1. biology
  2. biochemistry
  3. phisiology & anatomy
  4. introduction to islam & medicine
  5. civilization in medicine
  6. computer literacy
  7. english for premedical student
  8. arabic for premedical student

**note that thess subjects are teach to egypt students only..students who going to jordan had different subject n easier..

this is the grade :-

  1. A - 5 (80-100)
  2. B - 4 (70-79)
  3. C - 3 (60-69)
  4. D - 2 (50-59)
  5. E - 1 (40-49)

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Saturday, May 24, 2008; 8:22 PM
for the first time i came to international education centre(INTEC)..
i don't know what gonna to happen..
wow,i got room at 5th floor..
so tired to get all my things up there..
there is no lift k..

it's just like apartment..
got 2 room,2 peoples in 1 room..
got sofa,table,locker..
hehe,something that i never expected!!
happy to say it's more comfortable..
my roommate is from perak..
n he talking "bhs utara"..
ceh,i have my own 'language' too ^_^
so i use "bhs ngori"..hehe
same2 x phm..nasib la,sape sroh pandai2 ckp bhs utara kn..

my fasilitator is one of my fren at fs..
but i wonder why my frens call her "akak"?hua3
she should be 18 right "kak fasi"??
i became confius..n try to avoid calling her akak..
she said just call her by name instead of akak..
but others refuses except me..
ckp x bese la,ape la..
but for me,i think i know y..hehe
last day,she tell the true..
everyone in my group somewhat shock,
n feel like 'tertipu'..haha
ala,rilek laa..bese la tu..i told u right??

ohw yeah,got to know many new friends..
i'm the only one from shams..
so,what i've to do is influences peoples..huk3
ade la 2 3 org dari ngori..nice to know them..

on friday,my father ask me to come back..
after i had ready with all my things,
one step out of cemara,i dunno where i have to go..hik3
i totally have no idea..just wanna to ask other people,
but dunno where i should start..
ohw,luckily i come back home safely,
even get many problems..
n my kunci bilik hilang woo..x taw mane nk cari..
hope it is in my locker..

tomorrow i'm going back to cemara..
hee,wish me luck k..
class will start on monday..

i will be a busy man..
sorry if don't reply msg or contact..
hope u will understand,,

**nad x abis2 ckp lamenye nua blaja..lowr,nk wat cam ne kn..sori2..i just get the offer..u will know this situation when it's come to u..even ur frens,will take their way
after spm,right??just pray for my success..**


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plz consider my feeling..

consider ur feeling??then who gonna consider my feeling??yeah,human being is alwiz like that..peoples blame everyone but themselves..

same things happened to me..even i try to avoid it..
but sometimes,it happen..sorry~
it's alwiz easy to say sorry,
that this word doesn't mean anything right??

last week,i got angry with atiq..
juz can't control myself at that moment..
being ignore by someone who is close to me is hurt..
it's all start when my life is totally change..

got her word that if we are meet,
she gonna make like we donno each other..
am i the wrong person??
don't want to answer that..
it must be yes n not..
up to the way peoples are thinking..

i did try but i can't..

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Monday, May 19, 2008; 4:08 PM
waa,since duk umah wan..
mmg mcm2 x siap..
esok nk g dah daftar..
tp sume borang2 x siap pon..
byk bende yg nk kena sah pon x wat lg..
adesh2..nie la namenye keje last minit..
dah nk wat cam ne kn..
kena duk umah wan..
mmg cam xde life je..
klu duk sane nk wat pape pon x ley..
sume brng2 kt margosa..
awy2..nk siap!!

0 Lovers??

just 4 a while
Sunday, May 18, 2008; 6:28 PM
hee,mmg dah lame x update blog..
i got so many things to tell..
many things happened since i stay there..
but i dunno whether i have time for it..
erm,preparing n packaging my things to go there..
satu ape pon x siap lg..
esok last day..apeke..
k2,nk siap nie..

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Saturday, May 10, 2008; 11:00 PM
dpt biasiswa jpa..huh,alhamdulillah..

it start mlm 10 hari bulan lg..
balik dari umah wan,sbb ibu ckp jpa kuar mlm tu..
so,x tido umah wan la..
lg pon ramai sedare yg ade..
erm,tunggu sampai pkol 12..
when it's 12 o'clock,i quickly open the web..
chee,seperti dijangka..amat la bz line time tu..
nk bkak tunggu punye la lame..
last2 x dpt pon bkak..
i keep trying,sampai pkol 1:30 gak..
adesh2..still x dpt..
xpelah,tido dulu..set jam pkol 3!!
well,pkol 3 tu bngon..
eish,solat dulu..mintak pertolongan..hehe
bese la,kite nie kn manusia..sentiasa berserah pada-Nya..
then i try bkak..lowr,same je..
laju sket dari mlm tadi,tp still x dpt nk bkak..
argh,malas dah nie..ambk laptop g bwh..
dekat sket ngan moderm..hua3
try,try n try..huh,akhirnye dapat gak bkak!!
n alhamdulillah dpt tawaran ke mesir..hee
then msg kwn2 ckp dah dpt..
congrate to my fren yg dpt gak..huhu
only He know what i feel right now..

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lowr,jpa kuar 11 ke??
dekna la org plg riso..
sje promote lg..hik3
tunggu je laa k..
ouch,dah balik umah sbb nk check jpa laa ^_^
wish me luck~

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i'm worried..hee
Friday, May 9, 2008; 10:53 AM
hee,first of all congrate to pijai n bal..
the only two boys from smka shams who got MARA scholarship..
when i wake up,i found that i got msg from iqbal..
telling that he got the offer..alhamdulillah..
then i quickly call,alhamdulilah,he got too..
i call bal n congrate him..
yeah,they had get the place to futher stdy at middle east..
how about me??
er,jpa bile nk kuar nie??when is my turn??
i just can't wait!!
now,again i go to cc =) wanna check jpa offer..
lol,not yet..erm, ^_^
sarah pon dpt mara,tp tolak..die ambk mains..
coz nk g middle east gak..
lowr,sume dak stdy group about me??ngee
ohw yeah,lupe lak nk ckp congrate kt herda n atiqah..
two students from smka shams are selected out of 10 in malaysia for bank negara scholarsip..,thanks a lot to teachers of smka shams!!

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good luck
Wednesday, May 7, 2008; 7:42 AM
lowr,lupe lak nk ckp..
to all students..hik3
nk exam kn..wat la betul2 k
igt sikit..awk tu skola lg..
lain la org dah abis skola..hua3
jgn men2 n jgn leka..
fokus k..huk3
wat latihan..
yeah,all the best!!
good luck~

2 Lovers??


yeah,i get the offer form uitm shah alam..
alhamdulillah..klu x dpt jpa,mmg g la uitm nie..
now i realize,it's not easy to get the offer..
ptot la dulu kwn2 slalu ckp pas stdy group,
risau x dpt mane2 nnt..
at that time,i don't worry too much..
igt kn ley je dpt..
erm,nope..act not that easy k..
even zizi yg dpt 7a pon x pat upu..
huh,sian lak die..
but i hope i get jpa scholarship..hik3
mmg la,sume org harap cm tu..
xpe2,skang nie x yah pk sgt nk blajo kt luar..
blajo kt dlm pon x pe..asal kn dpt blajo kn..huhu
jpa result maybe kuar next week..wish me luck k..
erm,as i told u,i'm staying at my gandpa house now..
somewhat boring lowr..
don't know what i should do..
erm,luckly i bring together a book..
guess i can read it..
now i'm at cc..
huh,lame dah x nk wat cam ne kn..
n now,what i waiting for is,
my brother is coming back this monday..
n am thinking of futher my stdy..
it's just the only way to forget all what had happened n start new life i think..
tah2..i don't know..
cam rase x sedap ati la n boring laa..
maybe coz xde sape nk borak..
krdt pon xde..kedai topup tah mane2..
maybe klu ade abg ok kot..
aaarghh..n maybe klu dpt jpa pon ok gak..ngee
dah2,xde mood sgt nk tulis blog..
x selesa la kt cc..bising jew..
erm,miss all my fren..
kak ain pon mane tah hilang..huk3
**sabtu nie ade kenduri kt umah sarah pkol 10**

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b@ck to the p@st..
Sunday, May 4, 2008; 12:47 PM
after arwah wan dah xde..
atuk tnggl sorang la..
then,after bincang2,my family gonns move to tman dato' wan..
jadi cam family white..teman wan die..huk3
tp utk permulaan,nua je yg kene duk sane..
org len cam bese..
adesh2..dulu teman wan,skang teman atuk lak..
duk kt umah wan,just like the past..
cam mase kecik2 duk sane..
too many memories..
i'm smiling when thinking about it..
huhu..miss that moment..
act nk gtaw kene duk umah wan..
pasni dah x de nk on9 dah..
klu ade pon jarang sgt2 k..
so,ni pon kire nasib sempat tulis nie..

ohw ya,dpt uitm asasi sains..
alhamdulillah..maybe g..
but still waiting for jpa..hahah
wish me luck k..
pada yg sape2 yg x dpt mane2,just wait n bersabar k..
ade je yg tolak offer tu..tnggu je k..
Allah x bg ujian yg x mampu ditanggung oleh hamba-Nya..

**Allah meningkatkan tahap/darjah keimanan ssorg dgn mengenakan ujian & cubaan**
**selagi x diuji dgn kesusahan,tahap keimanan belum dpt dipastikan kebenarannya**
**ujian yg dikenakan bkn bererti Allah membenci,tp ia adalah satu rahmat utk meninggikan darjatnya di sisi Allah**

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my luvly granny..
Thursday, May 1, 2008; 7:19 PM
don't know how i should start..
my lovely grandmother was gone..
mlm tu,nua check bku bhs arab n kertas2 soalan..
preparing the test for tommorow..
erm,call kwn la jap..huhu
after call n kenal pasti soalan2,i go to my laptop..
nk taip la soalan2 nie..maleh nk tulis,tkot x pat bace lak..
sambil taip,then atuk call..
ayah n ibu terus g umah atuk..
adesh,nie yg x sedap ati nie..what's happen act??
xpe2,taip je terus..on9 ym x layan sgt..ade keje..
then mak lang call,sambil nges tnye ayah mane..ckp ayah dah g..
waa,asal nges lak nie??terus off comp..kojo x siap lg nie..
i really don't know what happen..x sedap ati tol..
then bkak comp blek..smbng keje blek..
dah pkol 12,ayah x balik2 lg nie..
erm,dekat2 pkol 1,ayah baru balik..
again,off comp..ayah x terus kuar..
tgh berdebar2 nie..asal ibu x balik..adesh2 +_+
then bile ayah masuk,ayah bwk purse wan..n sroh siap..
erm,i just can predicted what happen..
yup2,ayah suruh pakai bju melayu..4 sure..
i started forward msg to my friends..adesh2,ramai yg dah tido..
on my way,i terus berzikir for wan..wan2!!

sampai je,terus salam atuk..n nmpk wan..
wan terbaring..dah x bernyawa =(
n i lovely wan!!nape??
i don't know..susah nk gmbr kn perasaan time tu..
terus je ngaji utk wan..mlm tu mmg x tido..
lgi bpe jam je ley tgk wan..
sampai subuh,really mengatok..x pat nk bace quran dah..
then g basuh muke,g solat..xmo tido!!
wan oh wan..ari tu nmpk sihat je..
lowr,sume nie ketentuan Allah..kena terima gak..dah blaja kt skola kn..
wan,i can't forget u..the one who take care of me since i was young..someone that always support me..concern about mcm2..teach me..waa,so many sacrifie u did wan..
erm,it's ok..have to accept it..
kebumi after zuhur..mufti n tok mad dtg gak..
mmg ade link lowr..pas abis mkn sume,pkol 4:15,g surau..
nk tido jap lowr..ltey nie..kt umah penuh n bising ngan sore kanak2..
erm,baru bpe minit dah azan,kena bngon..
pas asar baru la dpt tido jap..gler penat..
erm,wan!!i really miss u n love u wan..
if i get the chance,i won't let u go..wan oh wan..
bile lg kite nk jmpe??sape nk masak kuih lg??
sape nk jage nua??u r a great wan.. could u leave me??
erm,mst wan suke ngan result nua ari tu..
n wan nk nua blaja betul2..klu dpt g mesir,die nk ikut..
lowr,wan!!nua ikut ckp wan nnt k..blaja btol2!!
semoga wan berada dlm kalangan org yg soleh..amin~

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