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enjoy your winter break
Friday, January 30, 2009; 4:45 AM

LOCATION : in the train

yeah,dah abis exam smlm..alhamdulillah =) pas exm tros je ambk elaun utk bln januari then aku g "ma'rad kitab". huh,byk sgt2 pon pesta buku terbesar kt dunia an.

hey,i found book which i been looking for "how to develop self confidence & influence people by public speaking" by Dale Carnegie..somehow i didn't buy that book but i bought "how to enjoy your life & your job"..maybe i'm not interested any more to speak and just thinking to have a better life, out of stress n problems!!

today, me,shafiq,raziq,sein n his family are going to spend our time at alexandria..haha,the best time to relax after our stressing week with exam..i did plan many things for this winter break..i'll stay there for 3 days n 2 night,i the moment,i'm quite boring here, doing nothing in the train as the others had sleep.lalala =p alex,here i come!!hihi

1 Lovers??

Thursday, January 29, 2009; 7:07 PM
wayar mp3 dah ilang!!!!
waaa :( sape yg jumpe sila pulangkan!!
saye nk gune skang..

0 Lovers??

just one..
Tuesday, January 27, 2009; 7:21 PM
i ave one more paper to go for my mid-year..
so far, alhamdulillah, i can answers the others..
but there are some questions quite confusing..
hee, someone said,
"klu x susah, bkn lah exam kn"..
uhuk2..but friend,
i really believe that if,
i work harder n harder,
it would be easy, am i right??

haha, what i'm trying to say actually??
it's very late now..
but i try to open my exhausted eyes,
as i ave to finish my revision first..
yeah, always sleep late here..
have to or else i'm not taking medic..
hey,i do luv lenka's song ^^

after my last paper,
i'll rush to encik hazzam office,
to take january scholarship..
currently my pocket is going to be empty!!
waa, can't wait..
ley shoping2..hee
ave to learn spending money wisely,rightly n not boros2..
btw, thanks to jabatan perkhidmatan awam =)

0 Lovers??

Thursday, January 15, 2009; 8:45 PM
I’m still confused what actually had happened to me. I did slept early, juz after I took my dinner, around 9pm, I think. I’ve been doing such this manner since one week ago. Ergh, how could u sleep so early if u still has a lot to read! Tension2. Then I wake up at 12, wash my face, take a book and read. Hey, do you think it’s a good habit?? At first, I thought I can read n revise peacefully, without any noise or wtv. Haha. Anjing yg ade kt sini sgt2 la memekak!! Who know how to make them quite?? Or else I’ll kill them all.
One disadvantage = feeling hungry at night lead us to unfocused :p

4 Lovers??

Ergh, shut up u **** DOG!

!!!!!kepada anjing2 yg terlibat, aku x taw kenapa ko suke memekak time ak nk tido. Klu time pagi2 xnk plak ko memekak. Nampak sgt ko nk kaco ak tido!!tolong la wey. Aku nak tido, esok nk study lg. klu ko memekak lg, sumpah esok ak kutip batu byk2, nk baling kt ko dari atas ni!!!

0 Lovers??

i'm back
Wednesday, January 14, 2009; 6:40 PM
Today, I’m back to post my blog in I used to post in for the past 3 months. I thought it’s better than this blogspot. It has much much tools n way to write the blog n its appearance is better. But there is something that I dun like. I dun know how to put music on my page, list, photo blablabla. The most thing I dun like is I dun even received any comment about my post. Someone must be one of the members of the livejournal to leave comment n none of my friends did. Ergh, didn’t get any feedback. Boring3x. Feel happy if we know that someone is read n concern about our post, right? Finally, I change my mind. Hey, I found new template for my blogspot, better appearance, I guess ^^

Erm, I’m going to continue my reading n study for my mid-year exam which is just around the corner 19/1/09. Still have much more to revise. Pray for our success n Palestine. amin~
**happy birthday to azfa, 13/1 n norbahiran, 15/1 my classmates. May God bless u**

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