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am happy n sad..9 days to go..
Sunday, September 28, 2008; 4:15 PM

huhu,my bro form penang n itqan dah balik..
so we r all united..hee
am juz so happy that they are here..
n wanna spend my time with them..
er,thanks for all the memories!!
act,i just dunno how we would be when we r far apart..
lol,cdey jew..=(

2 Lovers??

cdey jew..
Thursday, September 18, 2008; 7:05 AM
lol,susah nk on9 laa skang nie..
my adk pmr n spm..
so my parents dah potong internet..
as i pon duk kt umah atok nie..

btw,brng2 nk g mesir x beli lg..
x siap pape pon lg..adohai
cam x mo g jew..
tp bile tnye membe2m len,
sume pon rilek jew..
eh,asal eh??huhu

pape pon,busan sgt2 duk sini..
xdop gapo nk wak..hee
ish3 :(

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end of final exam..
Friday, September 5, 2008; 11:32 AM

yeee,akhirnya final exam dah abis..
paper biochem..
so far ley la wat sume paper..
juz intro je,uhuk2 ^_^
esok nk balik dah..
kena bawak byk barang lowr..
coz my mum ckp maybe x pat nk jmpt ari rabu nnt..
rabu nnt ade kire CHECK OUT and...
bye INTEC..haha

neway, a lot of things n experiences i got since i come here..
n a lot of things i learn here..
feel lucky to be here..
as i got many new friends..(they r cool)
n learn not to easily judge people..
n i became more confident,
more brave,haha
how to handle a lot of works..
i a little bit change here..
i can feel it..hee

then duk kt umah la..
tnggu dlm 3 mnggu..
n after that..huhu
you will know...

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008; 6:19 AM
akhirnya bulan yg dinanti2kn oleh semua umat islam dah menjelma..
selamat menyambut bulan ramadhan kepada semua..
sama2 lah kita merebut peluang yg ade utk mengumpul pahala byk2..hee
ohw,this week i have to sit for my final exam..
i dun really prepare for it bcoz i have a very bad fever,
that finally i have to go to the clinic..woo =(
most of my fwen got fever too..
erm,musim kot..
this week also may be the last week for MEG's stdnts,
at our beloved,memorable INTEC (eceh2)^_^
yeah,still not confirm when i'm going to fly to egypt..
either b4 or after raya..
wtv it is, i'm ready now!!(ya reet)
okie dokie..
~selamat berpuasa~

2 Lovers??