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1)To graduate quality physicians capable of implementing various levels of health care practices, following medical ethics and ready for continuing professional development.

2)To train specialized physicians to conduct advanced scientific research, apply updated technologies and follow national and international medical standards.

3)To care for the development of the competitive edge of human resources, serve the community and share in solving national health problems.


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success is our dream..why don't we do it together??
Wednesday, February 11, 2009; 6:09 PM

like other peoples, i'm dreaming of succcess in my life..i'm attracted to a book entitle "see you at the top"..sounds interesting,right?top means success :D lets do it together and i'm glad to meet at the top..hehe..

i've 3 months till my final exam..of cause i expect to do my best..i have to work harder and not going to regret anything that i did i regret i'm not study well for my upsr,pmr & my spm..or else i'll got 5a,9a or even 12a..haish +_+ i'm sure not going to let this things happen to my life again!

internet..something that make our life much2 more easier, connecting peoples over the now, i got many new friends from internet..hey, they are all my friends and you all are so great..internet or more specificly,friendster had change my life, from a quite boy with few friend to a new guy who is more confident..n start to learn others & their culture..i discover many new things..somehow, out of nowhere, i start to love having new friends!!

today would be the turning point of my, it's time for me to work hard 4 my studies..i think i don't have much free time as i still got a lot to read..i should never waste the golden opportunity to study abroad..i admit that sometimes i've been too lazy n forget my main objective here.."tuhan, pandulah hambaMu ini agar tidak terleka dan bukalah pintu hatiku agar sentiasa mengingatiMu"

Now its time for me 2 go up another level, time for me 2 go forward and discover or explore new things in my life…I really wanna thanks again 2 all my friends here again…for ur memories and support...u know who I meant to...if I specificly mentioned da name...da list would go on forever... it really hard 4 me, 2 say good bye...and I wouldn’t want 2 say it...for me, this not da end...i’ll try 2 visit friendster n blogspot from time 2 time...but not as frequent as b4 this...isk~...its kinda hard 2 make a decision like this..but I’ll see ya soon...n take care guys...i will always remember and cherish our memories until my last breath...or at least, I got some stories 2 tell 2 my grandson when I’m old... daaaa~ and wish me luck kays…towards my dreams~

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end of my holiday

esok dah hari khamis..kelas mungkin start ari sabtu kot..huhu,kejap je dah nk abis cuti an..then nk start pergi kuliah n ready for final exam!!then,ley balik m'sia..haha

for this winter break,i did spend my time touring all over egypt..most of my time,i'm not at home..hee,such a great experiences..shouldn't leave this precious chances, visiting others least, after this amazing break i can focus on my study..yeah2..still have long way to go..

study lah wahai medic student~

**kak ain ade cian kt die..die x ceat..kak ain,i wish u'll get well soon..^_^

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jelajah sinai
Tuesday, February 10, 2009; 6:32 PM
x habis lg penat dari alex,dah ade trip ke sinai..ku tetap gagahkn diriku ini utk menjelajah gunung sinai..disebabkan kami digambarkan,sinai adelah tempat yg sgt sejuk..kdg2 ade gang perubatan cairo pon bersiap sedia memakai baju yg tebal2..


ternyata meleset..kami melawat kawasan perang mesir n I***** dulu..panas tu!!


di tempat yg panas dan memakai baju tebal +_+ sye silau laa
**dak baju lengan pendek bajet je**

tempat tidur tentera bawah tanah

kemudian kami berhenti di telga Nabi Musa utk mkn tgh hari

tp kami terpaksa berjalan sgt jauh di tgh2 pdg pasir utk mencari tmpt mkn..waaa!!

selepas kenyang n penat,mmg mase yg plg sesuai utk tido (=_=)


sempat singgah di makam Nabi Saleh..sye dah tukar baju nipis,tapi cuaca sgt sejuk plak..haish

yeah,kami dah sampai..sementara menunggu pkol 12 mlm utk mendaki gunung,jalan2 la kn..
ouch,acap,jgn cekik unta tu..

dan shoping2..mahal laa kt sini..

pkol 12 mlm,semua dah bersedia..arish dpt still x cukup..kami kesejukan nie..

aiyo,cian imran..dye sakit kaki..nape la gunung ni tinggi sgt an??come on2..u can do it ^_^
kami telah sampai kemuncak dalam pkol 4..kena tunggu subuh..cabaran yg plg susah adalah menahan diri dari membatalkan wudu' msg2..coz kat sni mane ade air..n sgt3 sejuk

sekian lame menunggu,akhirnya dapat la tgk matahari terbit..tu je ke nk tgk selepas bertungkus lumus panjat gunung yg amat tinggi

pandangan dari puncak gunung

ini bukti saya dah sampai ke puncaknye..hehe

sekali tgk,mcm x percaye sye dah daki gunung ni..kn2?

makam Nabi Harun yg sempat kami lawati

adoi,lembu samiri laa..lembu emas yg dipuja telah ditukarkn jadi batu..
kemudain kami pergi ke dahab..kawasan pantai..mcm2 kami buat kt sini..mandi laut,naik kuda,mkn sea sye x ambk gambar sgt la kt sini..adesh

sebelum balik,kami pergi ke kubu salahudin al-ayubi..air sgt jernih woo..

teka kt mane..atas kubu la tempat terakhir smpt lawat..then balik..huk3

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