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2)To train specialized physicians to conduct advanced scientific research, apply updated technologies and follow national and international medical standards.

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❒ December is leaving ❒ 2012 is approaching
Saturday, December 31, 2011; 9:48 AM


December is so special to me. For many reasons. Because it's school holidays, it's winter, it's end of year, and most important is my birthday is on December. soooo, I love December.

I should write everything that happened on December. Tapi...Ada orang buat saya sedih. So, saya merajuk tak nak update blog. hihi. Xde lah. Sebenarnya saya sibuk sikit untuk round community medicine ni. Setiap hari kelas pagi sampai petang. Uh, cepat2 la habis round commed ni!!

Sebenarnya, rasa malas nak update blog ni. Tapi rasa sayang kalau tak update. Because today is 31/12. Dah nak tahun baru pun. And I haven't post anything for this month. Ruginyeeeee. December is so special, why should you destroy it? hihi

After a very long time waiting. Finally, I meet her on 28/12/11. Yela, lebih setahun tak jumpa. Kadang-kadang tu ada la call or msg. Haaaa, siapa2? ^___^ See, sibuk lettew nak buat gosip. huhu. Actually, she's my friend from palestine. Or maybe I can say good friend. Since I accidently meet her after the first year exam. It's nice to know that I'm the only guy from Malaysia that she knows and she's my first friend from palestine. Nice right? ^^ But she didn't pass her 2nd year examination. So this result in a kind of barrier between us. Kelas dah tak sama, subjek pun lain. Eh, lupa nak bagi tahu nama dia. ngeh3.

Hey! I'm not going to talk about her in this post. As there're many "investigator" out there. *bajet hot lettew*

After someone make me sad (baca perenggan kedua), meeting her really cheer me up. It's like, I going to my class and show off to my friends, "eiy, taw tak aku jumpe sape tadi?". lol. Nooooooo! Tak baik show off! huhu. Actually it's not show off. I may called it as saying something to cheer myself.

Dua tiga hari ni, saya tak pasti kenapa ramai yang saya jumpa mesti senyum je kat saya. ^^ No, I'm not pointing to Malaysian. I'm talking about other than Malaysian. Saya makin comel ke? hihihi. Tak laaa. Sebenarnya saya yang senyum dulu, then diorg reply senyum saya je. Comel gak kan? ^^ huhu.

Many other things that happened in december, I don't want to write it here. Let it be the history which not been written. Just in my memory and it will finally fade, disappear and forgotten. huhu.

Esok new year! Let's close our old book and begin our new chapter of life. To review 2011, all the good things, the bad things, all the happiness and sadness, it's all comes from Allah. We don't have to regret any. If Allah don't want something to happen, it will not happen. And everything that happened, Allah already knows. And He gives the best thing in our life. Have faith in Allah.

Dengan nama Allah, aku memohon supaya Engkau jadikanlah tahun 2012 sebagai tahun yang lebih baik daripada 2011. Limpahkanlah rahmat dan hidayah-Mu kepada kami, keluarga kami, saudara-saudara kami dan seluruh umat islam. Dan janganlah Engkau sesatkan kami setelah kami diberi petunjuk. Ameeen~

p/s : December, please don't leave.. :'(

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