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Saturday, January 21, 2012; 4:47 AM


I'm just finished my end round's exam for community medicine last Wednesday. Know what? I feel so relieve to end this round. It's a tough round. Feel like screaming! :p Coming back from "fever hospital" in Embaba, I get the fever. Some people thought I went to hospital to seek for medical care. No!!! Actually I'm visiting the hospital. It's part of the community medicine. Also, this fever hospital not only for who get fever. It's designed for highly infectious disease like hepatitis, HIV, meningitis, etc. These patients need to be isolate from others so that the infection didn't spread to others.

Starting from this day, I got fever. At first I thought it was nothing and just ignore it. Day after day, the fever get worse and I'll have my OSPE exam within 2 days. Now I start to worry. Buy some medication and send message to ibu and some friends asking some advice to get rid of this fever. Gosh~ It's seriously unexpected. I can't imagine going through this tough round and end up with taking exam with fever!

Paracetamol doesn't work for me. I take 2 tablet of aspirin. It's quite gamble I guess. Worrying with its side effect. Alhamdulillah, now I'm feeling better. (p/s: don't take aspirin before you get medical advice from doctor. Aspirin may lead to peptic ulcer)

Hey! Stop taking about exam. It's all over now!

Talking about winter, it's surprising to know that there's snow in Egypt this year! Of coz not at my place. But still, no one expect it to happen. Everyday, it's pretty cool here and I'm freezing. huhu. In addition I'm the type of person who can't resist cold. Haha. The fact is, all human being can adapt easily with hot than to cold. There's explanation about the receptor but I'm not going to explain it here. ^^

Knowing that this Sunday, we will start with new subject, Ophthalmology. Owh, sangat berjiwa kental! Ok la tu ada cuti 3 hari. Student kat Jordan tak ada cuti winter pun. hihi. Tapi pelik dengan jadual ophthal ni. Ada ke patut cuti hari jumaat dan hari rabu. Pelik. Sangat pelik! Ingat ni planet namek ke nak buat cuti macam ni? Entah apekenameknye ntah. Can't wait for ophthal! ^__^ huhu. Because the main reason I come here is to study medicine. So, lets make it!

Opss, baru perasan ni post pertama untuk tahun 2012. So, happy new year to all~ Orang cakap ophthalmology ni rilek sikit dari commed. Hoping to have more time to write even more in this blog. Best tengok kawan2 blog yang lain still menulis. hihi. Because we are bloggersssss. <3

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