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insomnia --> fever
Saturday, November 26, 2011; 12:31 PM


Semuanya bermula bila saya ada 'end round exam' untuk subjek forensic & toxicology. Yela, 20/11 tu habis silibus, 22/11 terus exam. So, I decided not to sleep. Studying... Also on 24/11 I have practical exam. So, again, I have to study and memorizing... Of coz, I take cups of coffee. I guess it's the best brain stimulant. And it works!

For the exam, it was great, except during practical exam, there was a test tube filled with spaghetti. What the heck is this? I never seen this before. Then I read the question, "what type of firearm is it?". Gosh, this is not a gun, this is FOOD! I'm thinking...Cartridge, no. Missiles, no. Wads, completely no. Then one more left which is gun powder. Urgh! Seriously, this is spaghetti. And the answer is smokeless powder. lol. It's okay. Just move to the next station. -.-"

After I finished my practical exam, someone told me that today is the last day to submit our assignment. Guess what, I didn't complete it yet. -.-" I rush to my house, open my laptop, and typing as fast as I can. hihi. typing.....and COMPLETE! It's 11:00 a.m. Rushing back to the university. Finally. Fuh~ (jangan la tiru buat kerja last minit macam ni) Lepas ni akan masuk round baru. Community medicine!

Entah macam mana ada kawan arab ni nak datang rumah. Aduh. Orang tengah mengantuk sangat ni. Please la datang hari lain. -.-" Disebabkan ada tetamu, tak dapat la nak tidur. Sampai petang. Then, malam tu tiba-tiba rasa macam nak demam. Oh, ni bukan petanda baik ni. I'm just wondering does it the side effect of not sleeping or taking caffeine or both or something else. +_+ Whatever the reason is, saya sangat2 pening kepala. Badan tak larat. Tepat-tepat pula masa demam tu kena masak. Mula-mula ingat nak order je makanan. Tapi last2 masak gak.

The weird thing is, malam tu, dalam keadaan suhu 13 degree, tapi saya rasa panas. Sampaikan saya terpaksa bukak baju and bukak kipas. Uh, what happened to me???

(to be continued...)

p/s : Selamat menyambut tahun baru hijrah yang ke 1433. Tak sangka sini sambut awal sehari dari Malaysia. What about your place? Take care =)

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