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1)To graduate quality physicians capable of implementing various levels of health care practices, following medical ethics and ready for continuing professional development.

2)To train specialized physicians to conduct advanced scientific research, apply updated technologies and follow national and international medical standards.

3)To care for the development of the competitive edge of human resources, serve the community and share in solving national health problems.


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Officially 4th year medical student :)
Friday, October 7, 2011; 12:03 AM


First of all, I would like to say Alhamdulillah. After my forensic class, I immediately go to check my result. Ah, as expected, there are many students check their result too. As I walk, I never stop pray to Allah. Please let me and my friends pass the exam. There are papers showing all the marks, no one can hide their result. lol. So I quickly check one by one. Untill 3083. It's my number. Pharmacology - 194. Just looking at the mark, I can smile. I know what it means. I pass the exam! Alhamdulillah ^^

Actually, I don't like to say I pass the exam. I prefer to say it's all from Allah who give me the chance to pass the exam and able to be in 4th year. It's not me, it's Allah. It's not easy to explain this. huhu. This is what Sheikh Rohimudin teach us called tasawuf.

Let see. During the exam, when you see the questions, you will take some time to think about the answer. Maybe some students quickly write the answer as they see the questions like they didn't think at all. lol. Okay, when you remember the answer, do you think YOU are the one who remember it, not comes from Allah? Do you think you can remember it if Allah didn't allow you to do so? After all, all of us admit that everything come from Allah. Nothing in this world happen without He knows about it and nothing can happen if He didn't allow it to happen.

So, think again. Do you think when you are writing the answer during the exam, it's you know actually remember the answer or it's Allah who allow you to remember the answer and write it on the paper with your hand moving and your eyes to see? =) It's obvious, right? So, it's a must for us to be thankful to Allah even if we didn't get good result we still believe that Allah had prepared something better for us.

Alhamdulillah. Now I'm officially 4th year student. Learning forensic so interesting. Especially with Dr. Ali Jamaludin who teach us about postmortem changes. Actually, I would like to say that this subject is quite interesting. ^____^ Currently, I'm in the mood of happy because I choose to be happy. hihi. So, please be nice to me and I will treat you nicer. :D

Nak tidur dulu. Next time merepek lagi. bye2~

p/s : tak taw nape tertulis english. +_+

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