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2)To train specialized physicians to conduct advanced scientific research, apply updated technologies and follow national and international medical standards.

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11/12/1990 (premature birth)
Sunday, December 13, 2009; 6:20 AM


Semasa belajar mengenai "cortisol" ( the main glucocorticoid ) baru2 ni, hatiku tersentak apabila dr cerita pasal premature birth..Mmg sejak dari 1st year dah dgr pasal ni..Baby who has premature birth normally will suffer from "Respiratory Distress Syndrom" (RDS) which can cause death..

Ok, this sounds so weird to non-medic student, right??http://emo.huhiho.comSo, i'll make it simple for you..Premature birth is a birth of baby of less than 37 weeks..I was born only after 7 months..Ibu said my size was as big as botol kicap..She can hold me just with one hand..haha..I cannot imagine it until now ^_^ Then, RDS is a condition where surfactant is insufficient in the lung because of immaturity of the lung..This can cause difficulty to breath then die..I was shocked to hear that..Plus i just know that premature baby is commonly has many complication..Syukur i'm safe..So far, alhamdulilah, i just healthy like others..I really thank to Allah to safe me and give me chance for life..Alhamdulillah..

Besides, doctor usually will give cortisol to premature baby to help on secrete surfactant..Thanks also to the doctor who had make a good job as a doctor and save my life..Then, i discover so many things..I'm so lucky to live after the premature birth..huhuhu..

Ibu also said, i'm living at the hospital for 2 months in the incubator..haha, what a boring day..haha..Sarah's father say " selalunya org lahir x cukup bulan ni, pandai ",betul ke macam tu??i don't know +_+ i didn't found any article about it..tapi kalau betul, best gak..hahaha..No2, pandai x pandai sesorg tu, bergantung kpd usaha mereka, takwa mereka pada Allah dan Allah permudahkan baginya..Kerana semua manusia dilahirkan dalam keadaan tidak tahu, come on guys!!Jgn ckp " Kau lain, kau pandai, aku x pandai"..There is no such words..

Terima kasih buat sahabat2, teman2 yg wish birthday saya hari tu..huhu..akhirnya capai gak umur 19..barulah sebaya dgn sahabat2 lain..tapi kalau diikutkan, kalau saya dilahirkan normal, cukup 9 bulan, sekarang ni umur saya baru 18..haha..xnak2!!Sebab tu la saya keluar awal..ngeh2..Hey friends, i really appreciate u when u wish my birthday either on sms, fb, fs,or call, i really appreciate it..Buat teman2 yg lupe, it's ok laa..Thats normal, coz sometimes i did forget too..huhu

p/s : ada org tnya, dah besar pun nak hadiah ke??mesti la nak!!haha

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