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1)To graduate quality physicians capable of implementing various levels of health care practices, following medical ethics and ready for continuing professional development.

2)To train specialized physicians to conduct advanced scientific research, apply updated technologies and follow national and international medical standards.

3)To care for the development of the competitive edge of human resources, serve the community and share in solving national health problems.


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Just don't judge.
Friday, December 19, 2014; 12:51 AM


Kadang-kadang, kita tak tahu apa yang orang lain lalui. Everyone are fighting their inner battle. Even if you always see they are happy and smiling, you don't really know if they are fighting for something. Even when they say they are okay, you never knew. So please people, be kind to everybody. 

Or even, you may say, you have go through the same situation with what they are going through now. That doesn't give you the right to simply judge people. The situation may seems more or less the same, but the circumstance, the condition, the time, all are not the same. Which make the situation is not the same anymore. 

Remember, people have reason to do what they did. 

Some people may make mistake or do something for a wrong reason. Your job, is to understand it, and to guide or give opinion. I said OPINION, not to give an ORDER. It's completely different! People may have the same opinion with you, or may not, they may agree or not agree with it, may accept or not to accept it. After all, life goes on. 

You may have been judge people before reading this. Or maybe after you have decided not to judge people and you still do the same mistake. It's not the end. You can always and always and always realize and remind yourself not to repeat the same thing again. :)

When you see someone doing something, you may have been judging them. A good one or a bad one. Just hold on! Before you say something bad, please hold on! Think and rethink and try to understand before you can judge. It is not that you can't say if you feel something is not going right. You can! But in a good ways. In live, you may reach a point where you have to say a bad new. But it is how you say it. You can choose to say it in a good or in a bad way. 

It always make differences. 


Menilai dan menghukum itu adalah tugas Allah pada hari akhirat kelak. Megapa ramai orang yang sibuk-sibuk nak membuat kerja Tuhan dan lupa kerja manusia? Tugas kita adalah saling menasihati, saling memperingati, dan membuat kebaikan. Selebihnya, sila serahkan kepada Allah. Bukan tugas kamu untuk menentukan seseorang hamba itu akan masuk neraka ataupun syurga. =)

Just a reminder to myself..May Allah guide all of us. Ameen. 

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