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meet DidiDido
Friday, October 10, 2014; 7:33 AM


Puas aku jerit. Lama tak menjenguk blog ni. Sob3. Kononnya sibuk kan. hihi. Today I wanna post a quick update. Kurang lebih 5 minggu, aku akan menghadapi final exam. The very final exam for my medical school. Insya-Allah. Mohon doakan kejayaan saya. 

Setelah beberapa kali plan, dengan kesibukan aku nak study, dengan kesibukan didi nak siapkan assignment, dan beberapa kali tak jadi plan, akhirnya hari ni dapat juga aku bertemu dengan didi. My instagram's friend and apart from that, she is my master. I'm so adore with her drawing. First time nampak lukisan didi kat instagram, I know I really like it. Tanpa segan silu, tanpa bagi salam, terus follow. =D 

And now, let me introduce to you, here is my friend, DidiDido. So which one is didi? Guess who. haha. Also with us, Ling Zhi. 

So, for this entry, I would like to write something about my new friend here, didi. Because we never knew, when we will meet again. Next year, insya-Allah I will start posting to hospital. So I guess, I'm going to be busy. To let this memorable, and unforgettable, let me write it here. Here are few things that I adore about her:

1) Her drawing is so beautiful. Since my childhood until now, I always wish I can draw too. I even try to draw. Many times. But yeah, orang cakap, xde bakat. Tangan keras je. So everytime I saw a good drawing, I always amaze. I appreciate it. I will easily adore. And also speechless. 

Somehow, after I saw a lot of doodles from didi, I try to learn to doodle too. It's not easy at first. Need a lot of practice and practice and practice, and after about 3 months, I am improving. I can make my own doodle a little bit. I know it's not that beautiful as other, not as creative as other, (what a negative mind I have here. haha), but at least, I am better than myself one year ago. Ah, that's enough for me. Here are some of my drawing...

Doodle pattern 

For this doodle, I take about two months to complete it. Because I do it a little and then stop. When I have free time, and I can't study for whatever reason, I go to add some character. Until one night, I feel so so stress, I close my book, and go to complete this. 

And I know, I will never be better than my master Didi. She is an expert. So a lot of thanks to you because you change me to a better man. One step closer to reach my dream which is at least I'm 'able' to draw. 

2) Also, I adore her because she can play guitar and also piano. Not to mention, cak lem pong. Maybe it just a coincidence that she do a lot of thing that I wish I can do it. But in reality, I can't. Again, I always adore when someone can play guitar and piano and cak lem pong. And I did try to learn, but still can not. Again, I'm convince myself, "kau ni xde bakat kot". One fine day, I will learn it. (Ntah bila2 kan tu. hihi)

3) France! Can speak french! My friends who know me well will know that I really love france. Masa kat intec, ustazah naimah pernah tanya setiap orang, "tempat mana yang kamu nak pergi nanti". And my answer is paris, france. I support france for world cup or euro. Also arsenal was once is a core france team, with arsene and henry. So you are so lucky Didi to stay in france for your study. =)

4) She is very positive and friendly and always smile. Even baru je kenal, but we can talk and never feel like stranger. But she claims that she is not friendly. Haha. 

5) So hardworking and ambitious girl. A lot of thing to do, a lot of responsibility, yet manage to do it. 

Apart from all I have mention above and A LOT more that I wish I can mention it here, (but I have to stop and continue my study), she is humble. What more you want to ask when a person is humble? It just like the most important thing. 

I ask didi to make doodle for me. That's is very delight to receive it from my master. Merci master! 


Masa jumpa, didi ada tanya, "nua, you memang nak jadi doktor ke?". For me, at this moment, 5 weeks before my final exam, I don't think I have any other option to answer this kind of question. You are about to finish your 6 years medical school, you don't have a choice, and the only answer I can say is, yes. Even at first, I don't know what I really want. But as I learn medicine, and try to accept it, yes, it is interesting. And why not I learn it and become a doctor. :)

As for didi, she wish to be a cartoonist but for some reasons, end up taking something else. Yeah, "bukan semua yang kita nak kita dapat, kan?". But you have to go on with what you are taking now. Maybe, what we go through at this moment is the best way for our future. We never knew but we believe that Allah always give the best for us. 

I can show you, many of us want to be something else but has become something else. That's make our life called "kehidupan". Everyone of us have their own wish that we never tell. But life, must go on. May you success in your study. =)

It just only a few things that I can write it here. Anything else, let it be in our memories. haha. 

secret admirer. 

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