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I'm alive :)
Monday, April 25, 2011; 3:39 AM


Lama dah tak update blog. The only reason is I don't have much time. Yes, I do have 24 hours everyday. Everyone of us have 24 hours. Perhaps, the next day, I will have another 24 hours. But I have a lot of things to do! At certain limit, I feel like I need more than 24 hours a day. Heh! Tak bersyukur betul. huuu~

People always say, "kau ni bajet YB je. Apa je kau buat? Sibuk mengalahkan YB". Well, I guess I have my own personal and I don't have to tell you everything, right? It's enough for you to know that I'm quite busy lately. What I do, it's not your problem. Just let me handle it, ok? If I need anything, I will call you. (hik2, bajet emo)

Sooo many things happened. It just I didn't find suitable time to write it here. -.-" Sorry to all readers. lol. I guess someone is waiting for me to post something here. :p (bajet lagi. bajet ramai je pembaca kau) Naah, I just post this entry to let you know that I'm still alive. Still breathing, alhamdulillah. :) Sure, when I have free time and all my works is done, then I will post as many entries as I can. hik2.

Tu je setakat ni. Jadual pack. If there's someone who volunteers to exchange his/her place with me?~~~~take care @};-

p/s : harap memahami. cheh! :p

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