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oral anatomy
Tuesday, June 9, 2009; 1:50 PM

my first oral exam since i come to,i just feel somewhat nervous..some people say it won't be too difficult..but i really don't know how this oral exam will be going..

Oral exam start pukul 8 (awal giler)..dah tu,kena la bngon awal..adesh +_+ bila dah masuk lab tu,dr yg jaga kumpulan kitorg dtg awal..dan pada masa tu lah nk sakit ne ni??2 org lg,then it will be my turn..Eish,xpelah..rilek2 je lah..dah la aku org yg ke4 kena..for this oral, we will be ask by 2 doctors..when it is my turn...

dr1 yg pkai scarf tu..garang en?

dr1 : write ur name and : (tulis name sambil jantung berdengup)

dr1 : ok, tell me what is this bone and its site.

me : (ambk tulang tu,belek2 sket sambil fikir)

dr1 : erm..what it is?

me : eer,this is fibula..i think it's left fibula..

dr : (sambil ambil tulang tu) this border is it is right fibula..

me : yes2..(adesh +_+)

dr1 : tell me what muscle attach to this site..

me : owh..popliteus muscle =)

dr1 : what its nerve supply?

me : sciatic nerve..

dr1 : no

me : er,obturator nerve..

dr1 : no!!tell me about locking of the leg..

me : ( yg x blaja ni)medial rotation when full flexsion..=((

dr1 : tell me muscle that do eversion..

me : er,muscle at the back of the leg..

dr1 : no

me : erm..,peroneal longus and peroneus brevis..

dr1 : ok,tell me hamstring muscle..

me : biceps femoris,semitendinouses,semimebranouses..

dr1 : ok u can go..

me : (adesh..not so good) =(

sakit perut pon tibe2 dah hilang..pelik kn..haha..patutnye kalau sympathatic,x rasa sakit perut en??pelik2 +_+ again my turn...

time ni aku x puas ati sbb mak cik blkng tu kacau!!

dr2 : write ur name and sign

me : (again..i try my best)

dr2 : why u don't sign like ur friend?

me : eh,sorry2..(huhu)

dr2 : ok,choose any bone.

me : (eh,betul ke ni..aku pon pilih scapula)

dr2 : tell me what is this bone..

me : erm..this is right scapula..

dr2 : right..tell me muscle attach to this bone..

me : eer..(sume ke??byk tu..betul ke ni???)

dr2 : muslces!!

me : ok,here is supraspinatus,here infraspinatus and here is subscapularis..

dr2 : what its nerve supply?

me : subscapularis from upper and lower subscapular nerve..the other n from suprascapular n..

dr2 : what other muslce attach?

me : here,at the medial border,we have levator scapula,then rhomboid minor,then rhomboid major..

dr2 : what about the ventral aspect of medial border?

me : owh..serattus anterior muscle..

dr2 : how many digitation it have?

me : 6

dr2 : no

me : eh..no2..8

dr2 : does it divide equally?

me : no..the 1st digitation insert into upper angle,2nd n 3rd at the whole medial border and the last 5 at the inferior angle..

dr2 : why?

me : because it rotate the glenoid cavity upward when we rais our hand.

dr2 : at what angle?

me : 90 and above..

dr2 : above what??

me : er..(ape die tnye ni??)

dr2 : above 90!!

me : yes2..(erk,kn aku dah sebut tadi!!)

dr2 : does it do this action alone?

me : no

dr2 : it do with other mucsle..what is this couple?

me : trapezius muscle..

dr2 : u know what is couple?

me : yes..sure!

dr2 : thanks God..u can go..

me : (alhamdulillah)



hah,cuba tgk gambar ni..

ni org2 yg belum kena

ni yg dah lepas..happy je muke en??^^

huh,habis juga akhirnya..ada lg 3 oral exam..lepas habis exam,mcm biasa,ptg tu maen bola..


hah,ade gak tempat yg lawa kt mesir ni en 
raziq tgh tgk ape tah..
time for dinner :D
ni kes xde keje..lalala~

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