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Wednesday, March 4, 2009; 11:26 AM

Yeah, we have spoting exam this saturday..

here's how we will be ask..

**a slide show a photo of a bone with an area marked..then we will be ask some questions..there will be 10 slides..i question = 1/2 mark

Dr :1) What bone is this?

2) What the name of the marked area?

3) What muscle attach to the marked area?

4) What is the nerve supply for this muscle?

5) Give two action of the muscle.

6) What is the relation?

This spoting exam will include all upper limb and all thorax.

we have sports day organised by PERUBATAN on friday. this will be held at Mansuro, i guess..somewhat far from sayeda zainab. most of us are not joining it. maybe want to concentrate or focus with their study.lalala~hey,spoting exam!!still got many things to revise.

Somehow, i'm thinking of participating in this. i'm thinking of chess!! ergh, i love to play chess that i neva got the chance to play at school except . somebody, help me please :( dunno what to do. Should i??

at last, i call husaini saleh..

H : assalamualaikum.

Me : w' abg husaini kn..sye anwar tahun satu..nk tnye pasal sukan tu laa..

H : a'ah..enta u mane?

Me : sye dari cairo u..erm, nk tnye la bang, klu nk masuk chess ley x?

H : chess??erm,chess dah penuh laa..tapi bola ade la tempat kosong..

Me : hah?(terdiam kejap..)xpelah klu cam tu..

H : mntk maaf la eh..chess mmg dah penuh..ari tu abg dah gtaw rahim..tapi dye ckp korang

ade exam..igtkn xnk xnk la kacau..

Me : owh..xpe2..xkisah pon..

H : tapi klu nk masuk bola boleh lg..

Me : eh,xmo lah..k lah bang..(kecewa)

H : ok2..abg mntk maaf eh..salam..

Me : salam~

huh,settle satu masalah..chess dah penuh, so xyah nk pk mcm2..skang ni kena study laa utk spoting exam..lega sikit tapi kecewa..hehe..

15 minit kemudian..hp bunyi..

Me : eh,husaini saleh call laa..

Sein : angkat je laa..

Me : ok..ape die nk eh..(hati berdebar2 ^^) hello..

H : hello..haa,enta nk masuk chess kn..boleh2..

Me : hah? betul ke??(sk2 ^^ tp sje wat2 xcye) sorang je?

H : a'ah..sekarang ni bas disediakn utk ke sane..tapi bas balik lewat mlm..enta sanggup ke??

esok tu ade exam??

Me : eh,xpe2..sye boleh balik sendiri nnt..

H : tapi duit bas kena bayar penuh laa..

Me : er, kena berapa tu??(dalam hati : aku snggup bayar bpe2 je..hee)

H : 20 genih je..

Me : (eh,sorang je??tah2 jadi reserve je kot)bang,ni maen utk team cairo u ke?

H : xlah..maen individu laa..

Me : owh..(fuh,selamat)

H : betul enta nk masuk??bg name n no,no telefon x payah..

Me : name,anwar bin noor azam..A,N,W,A,R..

H : owh..ok2..

Me : ok..thanks..salam..

H : salam~

waa!!dapat the problems come..i dunno what i did is right or wrong..erm..,adesh..i dunno know..but i love to play, i make my mind..i'll go to mansuro..and..and..and..what i need to do is prepare well before i go there..chaiyok!!now i'm strugle..heva to finish my revision b4 friday..sometimes, we ave to make the hard decision, right?dear readers, pray for me please..thanks ^^

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