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success is our dream..why don't we do it together??
Wednesday, February 11, 2009; 6:09 PM

like other peoples, i'm dreaming of succcess in my life..i'm attracted to a book entitle "see you at the top"..sounds interesting,right?top means success :D lets do it together and i'm glad to meet at the top..hehe..

i've 3 months till my final exam..of cause i expect to do my best..i have to work harder and not going to regret anything that i did i regret i'm not study well for my upsr,pmr & my spm..or else i'll got 5a,9a or even 12a..haish +_+ i'm sure not going to let this things happen to my life again!

internet..something that make our life much2 more easier, connecting peoples over the now, i got many new friends from internet..hey, they are all my friends and you all are so great..internet or more specificly,friendster had change my life, from a quite boy with few friend to a new guy who is more confident..n start to learn others & their culture..i discover many new things..somehow, out of nowhere, i start to love having new friends!!

today would be the turning point of my, it's time for me to work hard 4 my studies..i think i don't have much free time as i still got a lot to read..i should never waste the golden opportunity to study abroad..i admit that sometimes i've been too lazy n forget my main objective here.."tuhan, pandulah hambaMu ini agar tidak terleka dan bukalah pintu hatiku agar sentiasa mengingatiMu"

Now its time for me 2 go up another level, time for me 2 go forward and discover or explore new things in my life…I really wanna thanks again 2 all my friends here again…for ur memories and support...u know who I meant to...if I specificly mentioned da name...da list would go on forever... it really hard 4 me, 2 say good bye...and I wouldn’t want 2 say it...for me, this not da end...i’ll try 2 visit friendster n blogspot from time 2 time...but not as frequent as b4 this...isk~...its kinda hard 2 make a decision like this..but I’ll see ya soon...n take care guys...i will always remember and cherish our memories until my last breath...or at least, I got some stories 2 tell 2 my grandson when I’m old... daaaa~ and wish me luck kays…towards my dreams~

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