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2)To train specialized physicians to conduct advanced scientific research, apply updated technologies and follow national and international medical standards.

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prepare for "majlis penutup inpro"
Friday, August 8, 2008; 11:29 AM

sabtu nie ade majlis penutup inpro..
sume program kena wat perarakan n persembahan..
as ussual,dak2 MEP x cukup org..
at first mmg dah ade org..
but meg2 n meg4 xde..
diorg ade btn la plak..
and again,we have to find students to contribute in this..
ustazh told that,
last year,MEP agak teruk..
sukan dpt no last,
then persembahan kena gelak..
waa,lbey la nie..
so,this year,we have n must change that..
mst tunjukkn dak2 MEP pon boleh gak.. skang nie mmg ak masuk la bende nie..
n x dpt nk balik dis week..
dah 3 mnggu x balik woo..cdey2 =(
dah la tarikh gly dah confirm..adesh2 +_+
so,about persembahan kitorg,
kitorg akan wat DABKA..
kire tarian org arab laa..
same goes to other course..
sume kena wat ikut negare yg akan dituju..
dabka nie byk gune pergerakan kaki lowr..
tp best gak..
juz kitorg berlatih x sampai seminggu pn..
so far ak ley ikut lg laa..huk3
tiap2 ari kena mmg la penat sgt3..
abis berlatih dekat2 pkol 12 mlm..
next post,klu dpt i letak la video pasal dabka nie..
hee..k2,kena g berlatih nie..
ari nie ptg sampai mlm tu..
~den ponek nie~

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