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they gone to egypt..
Tuesday, July 29, 2008; 7:16 AM

on friday,i had bowling tournament..
suppose go to KLIA with tem in d evening,
juz wanna meet my friends b4 they fly to egypt,
but i have tournament..
somehow that night i can't focus lowr =p
phm2 ler kalah..

yeah,as the game was end,it's about 10:15,
a'latuul aruh uudo(i quickly go to my room)
ibli syuwaiya,aruh dukan..(b4 that,i go to the shop)
luckyly,the shop juz want to close..
then i get my things and sweater..

when i walked to the bus stop,
huh,i can see the bus..
ah,i cepat2 lari n masuk bas ikut pintu belakang..
yela,tkot xde transport la mlm2 nie..
tp driver bas tu marah lak masuk pintu blkng..
oit!!taw la nk bayar..x yah la hot sgt..
tp wat x taw je la..
act i x taw pon cam ne nk g KLIA nie!!

sampai je kt ktm,kaunter dah tutup..
adesh2 +_+ haha,dah bwk byk duit syiling..
so beli ikut mesin tu je la..
10:32,x taw ade x train nie..
i heard last train pkol 11 kn2??
naik train je berpeluh2..

hee,sampai dah kl sentral..
tp tulah,x taw mane nk g act nie??
akmal ckp naik bas ke lcct..
sein ckp x tetinggal la nota yg sein bg tu..
ah,redah je la g lcct..
then i call my fren,ckp i g lcct..
die terkejut lak.."huh,then cam ne nk g klia??"
adohai,mane la taw..kemal yg ckp cm tu..
dlm bas tu i try tnye sape yg taw cam ne nk g klia dari lcct..
lowr,tkot sesat laa..dah mlm nie..

dah nk smpai tu,my fren call lg,die ckp cpt laa..dah nk masuk nie!!
waaa!!tunggu2!!dah la x taw cam ne nk g..
tunggu la jap..waaa..tkot x dpt jmpe..
sampai je nmpk bas ke klia..huh,cepat2!!

2 3 kali gak la anta msg swoh tunggu..

sampai KLIA i tros lari..bas x berhenti pon lg..
then tros naik tngkt atas skali..huh,mntk2 la smpt..
tgh cari tu,tbe2 aiyad panggil sambil tunjuk destinasi yg sebenar..haha
huh,mmg ramai gler la org..
last2 dpt gak jmpe..ramai gak la dak shams situ..
then jmpe sara n bg buku bhs arab kt die..

LOL,smpt la borak2 jap ngan membe2..

huh,lapar2..ana ga'aan moot..

alahai,tbe2 lak ibu sarah ajak mkn skali.. yg x ley tolak nie..haha

(4 information,i mmg kenal ibu die..dulu ade wat stdy group kt umah die)

wuba'deen,i jmpe my bro..ade kt situ gak lowr..

huhu,kitorg x plan pn nk jmpe situ..

tbe2 lak jmpe an..

last2 diorg flight pkol 3 lbey..waaa,lamenye..

mase last2 tu,mmg ramai la nges..

tp peliknye,asal family sara sume nmpk rilek je eh??hoho

pape pon,i wish u all the best kt sane..

hope dpt la jmpe kt sane..hee

dekat je pn..satu kawasan je..


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