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my luvly granny..
Thursday, May 1, 2008; 7:19 PM

don't know how i should start..
my lovely grandmother was gone..
mlm tu,nua check bku bhs arab n kertas2 soalan..
preparing the test for tommorow..
erm,call kwn la jap..huhu
after call n kenal pasti soalan2,i go to my laptop..
nk taip la soalan2 nie..maleh nk tulis,tkot x pat bace lak..
sambil taip,then atuk call..
ayah n ibu terus g umah atuk..
adesh,nie yg x sedap ati nie..what's happen act??
xpe2,taip je terus..on9 ym x layan sgt..ade keje..
then mak lang call,sambil nges tnye ayah mane..ckp ayah dah g..
waa,asal nges lak nie??terus off comp..kojo x siap lg nie..
i really don't know what happen..x sedap ati tol..
then bkak comp blek..smbng keje blek..
dah pkol 12,ayah x balik2 lg nie..
erm,dekat2 pkol 1,ayah baru balik..
again,off comp..ayah x terus kuar..
tgh berdebar2 nie..asal ibu x balik..adesh2 +_+
then bile ayah masuk,ayah bwk purse wan..n sroh siap..
erm,i just can predicted what happen..
yup2,ayah suruh pakai bju melayu..4 sure..
i started forward msg to my friends..adesh2,ramai yg dah tido..
on my way,i terus berzikir for wan..wan2!!

sampai je,terus salam atuk..n nmpk wan..
wan terbaring..dah x bernyawa =(
n i lovely wan!!nape??
i don't know..susah nk gmbr kn perasaan time tu..
terus je ngaji utk wan..mlm tu mmg x tido..
lgi bpe jam je ley tgk wan..
sampai subuh,really mengatok..x pat nk bace quran dah..
then g basuh muke,g solat..xmo tido!!
wan oh wan..ari tu nmpk sihat je..
lowr,sume nie ketentuan Allah..kena terima gak..dah blaja kt skola kn..
wan,i can't forget u..the one who take care of me since i was young..someone that always support me..concern about mcm2..teach me..waa,so many sacrifie u did wan..
erm,it's ok..have to accept it..
kebumi after zuhur..mufti n tok mad dtg gak..
mmg ade link lowr..pas abis mkn sume,pkol 4:15,g surau..
nk tido jap lowr..ltey nie..kt umah penuh n bising ngan sore kanak2..
erm,baru bpe minit dah azan,kena bngon..
pas asar baru la dpt tido jap..gler penat..
erm,wan!!i really miss u n love u wan..
if i get the chance,i won't let u go..wan oh wan..
bile lg kite nk jmpe??sape nk masak kuih lg??
sape nk jage nua??u r a great wan.. could u leave me??
erm,mst wan suke ngan result nua ari tu..
n wan nk nua blaja betul2..klu dpt g mesir,die nk ikut..
lowr,wan!!nua ikut ckp wan nnt k..blaja btol2!!
semoga wan berada dlm kalangan org yg soleh..amin~

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