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1)To graduate quality physicians capable of implementing various levels of health care practices, following medical ethics and ready for continuing professional development.

2)To train specialized physicians to conduct advanced scientific research, apply updated technologies and follow national and international medical standards.

3)To care for the development of the competitive edge of human resources, serve the community and share in solving national health problems.


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ouch,kawad kaki..
Monday, April 28, 2008; 7:20 PM

ohw yeah,nad masuk kawad..
represent for kadet polis..
lowr,mng kedua..ok la tu nad..
igt sng ke nk dpt tmpt kedua..
huh,penat2 berlatih,akhirnya mng gak kn..huhu
sepanjang nua masuk kawad,x ponah mng pn..
ponek jo berlatih..huh,xpe2,sabar..
plg x pueh ati bile terigt kawad 3 penjuru..hua3..
klu igt mmg x puas ati,tp ble pikir2 blek,klaka sgt..
rase cam nk gelak je..hahaha
sume nye sbb smap men tipu..ckp cm **toooot**
kejap ckp lain,kejap ckp lain..
dah nk lawan ckp lain lak..
penat2 berlatih last2 cam sia2 je..
yg kelaka nye sbb formasi kitorg cipta dlm bpe jam je..
n of coz,sume berterabur..hahaha
habis kena gelak kt sume org..sume wat ikut ske ati je nk jalan mane..
hahaha..klu tgk video zaim abik mmg gler klaka..
sume yg berterabur tu mmg dah rakam n ade bukti..
xpe lah..bende dah berlalu..
nk lupe kn x ley,so wat2 lupe je lah..huk3
n again nad,congrate la sbb mng..
x sia2 berlatih..huhu
i do like x pena mng je..

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