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Saturday, May 24, 2008; 8:22 PM

for the first time i came to international education centre(INTEC)..
i don't know what gonna to happen..
wow,i got room at 5th floor..
so tired to get all my things up there..
there is no lift k..

it's just like apartment..
got 2 room,2 peoples in 1 room..
got sofa,table,locker..
hehe,something that i never expected!!
happy to say it's more comfortable..
my roommate is from perak..
n he talking "bhs utara"..
ceh,i have my own 'language' too ^_^
so i use "bhs ngori"..hehe
same2 x phm..nasib la,sape sroh pandai2 ckp bhs utara kn..

my fasilitator is one of my fren at fs..
but i wonder why my frens call her "akak"?hua3
she should be 18 right "kak fasi"??
i became confius..n try to avoid calling her akak..
she said just call her by name instead of akak..
but others refuses except me..
ckp x bese la,ape la..
but for me,i think i know y..hehe
last day,she tell the true..
everyone in my group somewhat shock,
n feel like 'tertipu'..haha
ala,rilek laa..bese la tu..i told u right??

ohw yeah,got to know many new friends..
i'm the only one from shams..
so,what i've to do is influences peoples..huk3
ade la 2 3 org dari ngori..nice to know them..

on friday,my father ask me to come back..
after i had ready with all my things,
one step out of cemara,i dunno where i have to go..hik3
i totally have no idea..just wanna to ask other people,
but dunno where i should start..
ohw,luckily i come back home safely,
even get many problems..
n my kunci bilik hilang woo..x taw mane nk cari..
hope it is in my locker..

tomorrow i'm going back to cemara..
hee,wish me luck k..
class will start on monday..

i will be a busy man..
sorry if don't reply msg or contact..
hope u will understand,,

**nad x abis2 ckp lamenye nua blaja..lowr,nk wat cam ne kn..sori2..i just get the offer..u will know this situation when it's come to u..even ur frens,will take their way
after spm,right??just pray for my success..**


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