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interview JPA, 3/4/2008, USIM, 10:00 a.m
Thursday, April 3, 2008; 11:16 AM

a day b4 the interview..
i'm not ready for my interview yet..
n have to take a test in the comp for jpa..
adesh2!!somehow when i open it,the time is over n i fail to answer the questions..
but..hey,i don't even look at one of the question..
i became panic..try to open it again n again..but it still the same..
waaa!!i quickly call my fren..erm,no answer..try for sometimes,no answer yet..
make up my mind to call bal n pijai..
yeah,talk to them really make me feel's hard to find someone who can understand us..
then,practice with pijai..blablabla..pijai gak bagus..
after all,i think i'm ready for the interview =)) dah practice laa..
that nite,mmg dah sedia..smpt lg call org lain..huhu..
thanks pada sape2 yg wish..hua3

wake up early in the morning..
so excited!!=)) bior betul..dah nk wat cam ne kn..kena la yakin..kn3..
dalam kete,bace buku tu,sbb nk influece people..huhu
interview pkol 10,tp sampai sane awal gler..8 lbey dah sampai..
kirenye,org pertame yg interview pkol 10 dah dtg..haha
then ibu borak ngan dak cina nie..die interview gak..
tbe2 ramai lak yg dgr..makin ramai,termasuk la ibu bapa yg ade kt situ..
eish,nie ade perhimpunan ape lak nie..hahaha..x ley bla..
muhyidin pon satu group rupenye..sng la cam nie,dah ade membe..
mase interview,masuk sekali 6 org..then die bagi tajuk,pk jap n bentang..
dpt tajuk "what quality a leader should have"..huhu
laa,sng nye..alhamdulillah..ambk je isi dari buku yg bace tadi..
waaa,x sia2 bace..hua3..n ambk sket dari bku berani gagal..
kirenye,idea yg dikeluarkn lain la sket kot ^_^
pastu sesi kedua,dia tnye sorang2 lak..
my turn,die suruh perkenal kn diri dlm bhs arab..cheh..
x pasal2 xpe..redah je la..coz die pon x phm..haha
sume2 ok la kot..huhu..yg lain sume dpt la jwb..ikut ape yg dah bincang ngan pijai..
mase nk kuar,sje la test diorg..ckp "syukran jazilan"
huh,seb bek laki tu leh jwb..then dgr pmpn tu tnye,btol ke dak tu ckp..btol la kot..hahaha..apeke..mst la btol..eceh2..
erm,rupenye xde lah susah spt yg dijangka kn..igt kn susah gler2 nye..
pape pon,hope dpt la..huhu

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