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1)To graduate quality physicians capable of implementing various levels of health care practices, following medical ethics and ready for continuing professional development.

2)To train specialized physicians to conduct advanced scientific research, apply updated technologies and follow national and international medical standards.

3)To care for the development of the competitive edge of human resources, serve the community and share in solving national health problems.


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- result SPM??bile2??
- i can't bcoz it was YOU.....,
- SPM!!!future,huh??
- ****kuiz sejarah****
- sape sroh x ckp awal2...
- huh,kucing penyebok!!

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~l0vE my f@m!Ly~
Sunday, February 10, 2008; 5:03 AM

9/2/ gler..
pagi tu ayah bwk family g pd..uah2!!
lame dah x kuar satu family cam nie..coz parents slalu bz jew..thanks ayah n ibu..huhu.. mase mule2 smpai tu, x yah cte la.. mmg la cam excited je nmpk laut kn..hua3.. tp rileks dulu, breakfast dulu..lapar nie!!then baru mak lang dtg..

abis mkn, tukar baju sume, then g mandi..waa,akhirnye dpt gak mandi laut.. time nie mmg dah pk pasal sir rasul dah.. mase kt langkawi die yg ye2 x bg mandi laut.. but today, sir dah x leh halang lg dah..hahaha..padan muke..
pas mandi men bola lak..x yah cte la sape mng kn..hua3..
then mak lang ajak naik banana boat..uah!! tulah, ade lak mak lang x mo basah.. apeke..mane ade org xnk basah kt laut..hua3..enjoy la kt sane..n mmg mcm2 jadi..gelak abis ari nie..
mase nk ambk gmbr sume sibling nie, ade lah mntk tlng sorang pak cik nie tlng snap kn..pastu die ckp,xpelah (sambil trus bla)...hahahaha..ape yg x pe nye pak cik oi!!maybe die igt org nk ambk gmbr die..haha..eley,pk sndri la..klu die tu hensem ke, artis ke, leh la gak org ambk gmbr die..apeke pak cik!!haha..kan dah kene gelak ^_^

malam tu ade jamuan sket..smbt bufday family..luqman, hafsah, ibu n ayah..sume bufday smbt skali je..huhu..sedare sume dtg..besh2 mkn kek..dah tu, abis lmbt lak jamuan nie..sume dah ngantok dah..yela, penat lowr..pagi g PD kn..pastu borak2 ngan abg, mmg nk gelak je..ade je bende nk gelak..hua3..i really enjoy this trip..n i feel lucky to have this lovely family..thank God..(at least bile g pd nie, leh la lupe pasal result) hua3..


4 Lovers??